(Exclusive) New Single – {Sidetrack Walker}{Deprivation}

On may 28th of 2021 (Sidetrack Walker – SW) will release the follow up of sorts to last years “The Art Of Starvation” by way of a single titled “Deprivation“. This will not serve as a full length and more so of an interlude to keep the taste buds tingling and ear buds humming.

However why wait? today is a beautiful day so why don’t Sidetrack Walker and I provide you with a much needed music fix. In the player above you can take full advantage and listen to both the single and the remix Exclusively on this page! What you won’t hear is the hidden track that comes with each purchase and in my opinion this song rounds off this collection quite nicely so its a welcome addition and it wont break your bank.

SW has steadily been releasing information and updates regarding “Deprivation” every Friday via Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp and the Official Site respectively, As of now pre-orders are available via Bandcamp where you can pick up the digital release for €2.

As shown above there are the two versions of “Deprivation”…one being the single itself and the other being a remix by Andre Jonas (You can head over to Jonas’s Twitter for more info about him and the work he does). Now the two songs could not be more different. The original piece has a subtlety to it that gently builds and weaves its story both in and around you with its calming, almost funk like grooves that lend as a back drop to the path being built by the narrative. With SW I have always leaned myself towards the more laid back raw offerings as I’ve felt that this is where the music really shines. Where Dominik’s unique way of vocalising his stories really lend well to the calming ombience that he can capture with just a few instruments and be able to truly bring something substantial to life.

With the latest bulletin Dominik has been very open with his explanation as to what “Deprivation” derives from. Its origins and its outcomes are all laid bare and put right in front of you. Yet they do not demand your attention, they almost hold your hand and guild you through so as to make sure your safe at the end but have taken in as much as you can of what needs to be said. However are welcoming if you want to take the stroll again because with each listen a new discovery can be made.

The remix track to me tells a completely different story and does demand your attention. Its for me a new song entirely that has its own direction and its own narrative without the need for words. Its completely unexpected and It feels as if you’re being transported both back to the 80’s into some sort of action film sequence or into a rehearsal for the song “Freestyler”. There’s a dark and dreary atmosphere in this piece that also somehow manages to have moments that can shine through and almost blind you. It really needs to be heard to be believed and it may just take you off guard.

Now what is not listed is a third track that you can only access by buying the digital release. A sort of added bonus if you will. I won’t give anything away but I can safely say that I will be worth the purchase.

If you would like to know more, or would like to purchase anything from Sidetrack Walker please visit the links below. Share your love, go have a chat, ask your own questions, get your own insight and support underground music.

Official Site

As always all, please keep yourself safe in these trying times and take care of you and those around you.

Stay Withered,
Tom (Editor/Creator Of WHP)


Interview – Sidetrack Walker Part 02

Its that time again folks for another installment of the Withered Hands Podcast however on this EPIC! show we have a few little alterations that may just surprise you.

First things first, this is the second part of a two part episode featuring Dominik Sonders of Sidetrack Walker, Memoirs, Vita Dolorosa and The Real Redeemer. If you haven’t checked out the previous show. Go back in time and take the time to immerse yourself in listening to that from back to back.

In this installment we continue our journey into the discovery of what makes Dominik tick and we answer that all important question that everyone wants and needs answer. Does he know what Red Dwarf is?

One thing you will find very apparent from the get go that this portion of the episode was put into the faithful hands of Dominik himself. Apart from a few suggestions here and there Dominik took complete control and was even nice enough to do an intro blurb for the show. A thing I have become synonymous with throughout my years of making this show. From sound editing to timeline structure its all in his hands and I have to say he has given me a run for my money here and has left me wondering just how much I can improve future shows.

So thank you to Mr Sonders for this. It was an honour to have you both on the show and helping behind the scenes.

Songs Used…

  • “Good news/Bad Riddance” from Come What May – Sidetrack Walker
  • “The Host” From The Art Of Starvation – Sidetrack Walker
  • “She Is The Dark” From A Lake Of Ghosts (Doommetal.com Compilation Of My Dying Bride Covers) – Vita Dolorosa
  • “Trans-Neptunian-Subject” – Unreleased Snippet from The Real Redeemer
  • “Autopandemic” Unreleased Snippet from The Real Redeemer

Links ….

I would like to take this time once again to thank Dominik for his time and patience and for helping making this all reality. Also I would like to think Yegor (Bewitched) for always being so on hands to help me with flyers and to tell me when things are good, bad and ugly. Without people like these two I would find it very hard to make any sort of show.

ALSO! I will give a shout out to one J.S Dachs or Decline of Estrangement who has been banging on at me to get these shows out almost incessantly since he knew they were in the works and for being so supportive of both myself, Dominik and the show in general. Thank you all!

Stay withered folks and please. Stay Safe!



Interview – Sidetrack Walker (Part 01)

Welcome one and all to the latest edition of the Withered Hands Podcast, On todays show we have the pleasure of interviewing Dominik Sonders who is responsible for such projects as Sidetrack Walker, Memoirs and Unmasqueraded and The Reel Redeemer. The later of which will be discussed more in depth in part two of the interview as this show was so densely packed full of content it just had to be split into two.

“Unmasqueraded” Photo courtesy of Dominik Sonders

In this episode we explore the origins of the man himself, what led him both into music and into the world for which he resides. We venture back to the days of marching bands and on ward to an existence with a long ass beard! We delve into realms of Sci Fi addiction and how sometimes German shows can sometimes totally miss the point of translation in television shows.

From odd interviews to inspirational promotion shots. From wanting more to knowing you need to accept less. To being content that perfection is fairly hard to achieve, if at all possible? From starting bands, to losing band members. Unpopular band names and unconventional musical direction choices.

“Memoirs” (Photo courtesy of Memoirs Bandcamp Page)

We examine the depth with which it takes to simply be an individual.

At the time of recording Dominik was taking a much needed break from the world of artistic expression and trying to rekindle his passion with getting to know who he is. The interview through the course of its two part expanse takes turns into self awareness for both he and also myself. This is much more than a show about music. This is a show about life and how to live.

You’ll have to forgive my repetitive nature of saying certain things. This will become apparent as the show unfolds. I hope this does not deter you from taking the time to invest in this show. There is so much to be found here, so much to discover. So much it needed two parts!

As always there is music from the man himself to accompany the show…Track listing is as follows…

  • “Behind The Scenes” from “Come What May” (Sidetrack Walker)
  • “Only Silence Knows My Name” From “The Art Of Starvation” (Sidetrack Walker)
  • “12.18” Unreleased Track (Unmasqueraded)
  • “Will To Leave” From “The Art Of Starvation” (Sidetrack Walker)
  • “Call To Arms” From “Unwritten Chapter” (Memoirs)
  • “Of Landscapes Unchanged” From “Mirrors And Mirages” (Sidetrack Walker)
  • “The Coming Of May” From “Come What May” (Sidetrack Walker)

Photo Courtesy Of Sidetrack Walker

If you would like to contact or listen to music Dominik Creates..Follow the links below…

As always guys, Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the show and I hope you will join us in part two.

Stay withered and take care of yourselves





I’m sorry it took me a while to get this show ready!
Was really looking forward to Dead Existence’s show in London, sharing stage with Weedeater, King Parrot, Tombstone and Opium Lord (of which we uploaded just yesterday a nice ‘n juicy interview).
They’re one of the former bands of the London sludge scene. Came to life when most of the metalheads were moving onto more post-metal oriented sounds, Dead Existence have been able to catch the attention of every extreme metal fanatic.
With an almost Nola inspired sound including sludge elements, post metal slower bits and stonerish riffs they’ve created some great songs and “Born Into The Planet’s Scar”, their last EP from 2011, has been a perfect display of what the band has been able to achieve.
After almost four years, they’re now ready to release a new album and they’re playing around some shows!

21st April – Bleach, Brighton, w/ Walk through Fire, War Wolf & Conjurer
22nd April – Kraak, Manchester, w/ Walk Through Fire, Big Machine & Corinth
23rd April – The Chameleon, w/ Walk Through Fire, Dark Mother & tbc
24th April – Desert Fest London, w/ Walk Through Fire, Northgrush & more
1st May – The Black Heart, Camden, w/ Undersmile & Space Witch
4th July – The Wheatsheaf, Oxford, w/ Conan & Diesel King
25th July – The Windmill, Brixton, w/ Raging Speedhorn, Gurt, A Horse Called War, Torpor

Check them out through Fb and their Official Page and enjoy a rough live recording of one of their new tracks!

Stay doom,

Interview – Forever Autumn


Welcome one and all to latest edition of the Withered Hands Podcast. Today we are proud to introduce Autumn who is the founding member of folk/black/acoustic doom outlet Forever Autumn to the show. As the show progresses we incorporate music, gaming, art and travel, Yet please don’t expect a cohesive time lime here but please do expect a journey you won’t soon forget. So sit back, relax, light some candles and embrace the diversity of Forever Autumn.

Songs Used Within’ the show :

Album : Howls In The Forest At Dusk
Songs : Balalaika Fire Song
Fire In The Head

Album : Patience of ðm Fire​-​Keeper
Songs : Suicide Pact

Album : Waiting for Öktober MMXVI
Songs : I Am Sorrow

Links :

BandcampFacebookOfficial / MySpaceTwitter


Thank you all for taking to the time to join us on this journey and thank you Autumn for giving her valuable time to talk about her music, her gaming and her ventures around the world.

Be sure to join us once again in the near future for another show!

As always!

Stay Withered!


{Interview} {THESIS}


Welcome one and all the latest edition of the Withered Hand Podcast, this time we are proud to feature Kacper who is the vocalist of polish rock band Thesis. In this show we discover more so about how Kacper came to be in the band, the highlights, the lowlights and everything in between. Learn about how the album “Kres” was conceived, how the whole thing was recorded live. Fathers approvals and disapprovals and the ups and down of life as a whole. So sit back and enjoy the episode. Feel free to comment on anything and let us know your out there.

My apologies in advance for some of the technical difficulties but i hope this does not sway you away from what i feel is one of the best shows I have released to date.

Thanks again everyone and as always…

Stay withered


Songs used on the show :

Szum, Wstyd & Godziny From The latest record (Kres)
Dzisiaj which features on the (Z Dnia Na Dzień Na Gorsze) Album
And also Persephona from the (Channel 1) release.

All songs are Available digitally on the Bandcamp site. Many of them are free at this time. So go check them out!

Links :

Facebook / Bandcamp /OfficialYouTube



Its that time again folks! I am back and this time I am featuring Ukrainian Post-Progressive metal band “Nug”

From only playing a few shows to selling out most if not all of the merch they provide, this is the story of the hows and the whys of the band. Discover concepts, lyrical meanings, how the vocalist came to be, how the band came to be and what they like to do in their spare time.

So without further adieu, get yourself a brew and sit, lay, stand..jump up and down..do whatever you like and have a listen to this show! I truly hope you enjoy it and if you do like what you hear, please check out the links below and show the band some love.

As always, Stay Withered!


Songs used on the show :

“Enemy” + “Thursday” Both songs featured on the Dark Mass (Ep) Available digitally on the Bandcamp site.

Links :

Facebook / Bandcamp /Twitter/SoundCloudYouTube


Additional :

Check out the link below and tell me what you think of the remastered version of Weighing Souls With Sand by The Angelic Process….Also buy a shirt and support incredible music.

Weighing Souls With Sand (2018 Plotkin Remaster)

{Interview} {Estrangement}


I’m baaaaack! HELLO! everybody! its been so long but I am back and I have an interview with the wonder Mr JS Decline of Australian band Estrangement. Now this interview was done a few weeks ago and its no stretch to say it was a complete delight to be able to converse with such a genuine and pleasant guy, not to say that the interviews that have proceeded this have been nasty in anyway (Minus one) its just it feels all so fresh again and this was the perfect start to what hopefully will become the reboot of the show.

This show was two years in the making and all the credit needs to go JS as he has remained respectful and polite and happy throughout all the ups and down and because of him we are hear to today and you are able to bare witness to this.

So without further adieu, get yourself a brew and sit, lay, stand..jump up and down..do whatever you like and have a listen to this show! I truly hope you enjoy it and if you do like what you hear, please check out the links below and show the band some love.

As always, Stay Withered!


Songs used on the show :

Childlike Bewilderment – Featured On Split With Begrabnis, Available through Weird Truth Productions

Disentanglement (Of Sound From Mind) – Featured on the Beneath Belong demo – Check Bandcamp – //Free download\\

De Sade Solilquy – Featured on the double album tribute to My Dying Bride (A Lake Of Ghosts) – Currently sold out

Links :

Facebook / Bandcamp / Official 



{SHOWCASE} {05/07/2018}


Episode 05-07-2018 (Showcase)

And I am back and welcome one and all to the reboot of the Withered Hand Podcast, where the hell have I been? who knows! Its been nearly two years since I release an original show and I thought it was about damn time to release a new show! so sorry for the lack of shows in the past two years. Many negative things have occurred that have kept me away from this but I am back and I hope to keep this going as long as possible for you, all of you and for me.

So onto today…This of course is a showcase show where I will be featuring select songs from some bands that have really caught my eye as late. Some of which I know very little about but I hope by you all hearing them it helps you step through that door into their own personal music world and you embrace all that you experience…

So the bands featured on the show today are….

Suffer In Paradise (RUS)


Album – On The Verge
Songs – Tragedy

Sleep Token (UK)

[Record Label]

Album – Unknown
Song – Jaws


Odradek Room (UKR)

[Bandcamp (Label Page)]

Album – Texture Of Reality
Song – A Man Of Silt


Mother Witch And The Dead Water Ghosts (UKR)


Album – Ruins Of Faith
Songs – Ruins Of Faith

Haunted (ITA)


Album – Dayburner
Songs – Mourning Sun


Guillotine Dream (UK)


Album – A War On The Passage Of Time
Songs – Darkling Rooms

I truly hope you enjoy this show and that you have either discovered something new or are revisiting something you didn’t realise you loved until.

A quick note, I pronounced the name of the ep of Guillotine Dream wrong, so sorry guys and sorry all for the that! my bad!

Hope my rambling didn’t annoy any of you..but if it did..let me know

Always, Stay Withered


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