On the show this week we have once funeral doom band, now stoner doom band Narrow House!! One of the key members of the band both in the past and future “Yegor” is chatting with us all about the old and the new. Whats happened, whats been happening, and where Narrow House are heading. As always this show contains 2 songs by the band in question. These 2 songs are The Vitreous God (Стеклянный Бог) from the debut album A Key To Panngrieb and then theres a new track called Crushing the Old Empire which will be featured on the upcoming release “Thanathonaut”. As with the previous 02 interviews the skype was being a complete bitch and i lost of lot of material so i am determined to get “Yegor” back on the show so we can finish this off properly. I did the best with what i had and i now have new recording equipment so this will not be an issue in the future. Anyway thats enough of me babbling on…Enjoy the show guys and enjoy the music. Please download, like us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/witheredhandpodcast, make a comment here on this site. Let your voices be heard.

Also headover to http://www.Narrowhouse.net for updates and all your other Narrow House needs. Contact them via that page or like them on http://www.facebook.com/narrowhouseukr.

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