Welcome all to another episode of the ever growing Withered Hand Podcast, On the show this time we have Alternative Dark Rock band Antimatter’s Mick Moss to discuss the where’s, the how’s and the when’s of the band. Production on this episode was mainly done by Mick Moss himself, who took the show’s main core under his wing and gave it a much more professional feel to it. Endless appreciation is sent his way for that! The tracks featured on the show are from Antimatter’s release “A Fear of a Unique Identity”. Track 01 being “Paranova” and the track to see the show out is “Monochrome”. You can link to http://www.facebook.com/antimatteronline or http://www.antimatter.free.fr to get all the news and updates on the band including tour details and release details. Also go out and get yourself a copy of any of the back catalogue if you like what you hear.

Again no Liz, we need to start a petition to get her ass back on the show!!

Have a good one all you listeners out there!!

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