Welcome one and all to another episode of the ever growing Withered Hands Podcast, some have blogs, some have reviews. I have a mic and skype and get to do shit hot interviews. I conducted two in one night on this occasion, funnily the first one i did will be the episode after this one and that is with Roberto with Arcana Coelestia. However the reason his interview is not first to appear via the world of podcast is due to i had Interviewed Kostas the previous night and the whole recording was corrupted and well just wasn’t what it should have been. So Kostas kindly agreed to do a take two and here we are. My very special guests this week on the show are Funeral Doom (Church Doom?!?! lol) legends Pantheist. It was a great oppurtunity of mine to get up close and personal (Behind a computer screen) with Kostas to learn where Pantheist has been, where they are, and where they are going (hopefully with the same guitarists) You will also hear about the side projects Kostas is involved and you’ll pretty much just be listening to full on fucking great interview!! The songs included this week are some of my favourtie Pantheist tracks, these are “The Loss Of Innocence” from the Journey Through Lands Unknown album, “Brighter Days” from the self-titled “Pantheist” cd and “Wrath” from the conceptual album “Amartia”. Enjoy the interview guys, please comment and yeah…Keep funeral doom alive and well!!

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