MSW new

Welcome back loyal followers of the show!! We have a treat in store for you today!! In the hot seat today we have front man of Doom-Goth-(Whatever you wanna class it ass) Metal band My Silent Wake….Ian Arkley!! Ian has been in the music seen for many years with bands such as Seventh Angel and Ashen Mortality and has contributed to other projects along the way. In the interview today Liz joins me to get to the heart and soul of the man himself…with a few chuckles and swigs of water along the way.

After this interview was recorded (about a week or so later) Liz and I were fortunate enough to witness My Silent Wake in the flesh and see them perform. This is something i personally have been waiting for for a VERY long time. I did record the show but my recorder turned out to be a piece of shit and all you could hear was dirge..dirge…dirge…so i’m afraid for now, any live music featured on the show will more of less be contributed by Rob in his shows.

MSW have a new release out “Eye of the needle” this can be found on the label that have released its page..which is http://bandcamp.com/stonegrooverecords … Make sure to check it out and download the release!! Support the underground!!

Also check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Silent-Wake/417459134777 , https://myspace.com/mysilentwake and http://mysilentwake.co.uk for all your MSW needs!! and trust me people one you get a listen there will be plenty!!

If your interested in making any other MSW purchases, head over  to http://mysilentwake.bigcartel.com/ and get your hands on some awesome merch!!

Tracks featured on the show are : Burning + Shadow Of Sorrow (From the Shadow Of Sorrow album), My Sorrow Is Yours (From the Preservation, Restoration, Reconstruction Acoustic album), Heretic (From Anatomy Of Melancholy Cd 1) and a new track called A Death (Which is feature on the latest MSW album Eye Of The Needle)

Enjoy the show guys!!


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