SOAC flyer

On todays show we are joined by Nick of Kent’s instrumentalists Sons Of Alpha Centauri. It was a great day for the show as both myself and Liz got to sit down with Nick in the Infamous “Bunker” (A place all metal heads should meet) and we got to shoot the shit and learn all about the bands history, the bands present status and where they are heading in the future. although this show was initially meant to air last monday it took longer than expected to edit it out as the interview itself went on for quite sometime and with us all being freinds we tended to speak about non related musical topics to often. So all of this has had to be removed. Although i still feel the product itself is really good and is the most professional sounding (audio quality wise) we have done thus far.

Those of you familiar with the hustle and bustle of SOAC will also be familiar with there other project “Yawning Sons” where they team up “Yawning Man’s” member Gary Arce to create some dark yet uplifting pieces for people to muse over. The first time i heard the “Ceremony to the sunset Lp” i instantly wanted to start doing drugs and roll up a joint and let my visions take me away with this as the soundtrack to my illusions. SOAC although only ever releasing the one full length have not been out of the music scene, not at all. Since the debut which was released in 2007 the band have been working with of course “Yawning Sons” and splits with Karma To Burn and Treasure Cat. And teaming the two together to become Alpha Cats on the cd “Last Days Of Summer” Also out there somewhere in this great wide world is an extremely limited Lp where the SOAC teamed up with “A DEATH CINEMATIC” to create an altogether quite unique listening experience.

If you want riff driven stoner rock/metal to sink your teeth and ears into check out SOAC on there official website http://www.sonsofalphacentauri.co.uk.

To contact the band get yourselves online and get your fingers tapping from your personal e-mail provider and compose a message to Sonsofalphacentauri@yahoo.com.

As for now!! as always, take care of yourselves and enjoy the show, and if you don’t. Pretend you did please!!

_Tom + Liz_

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