Hello Everybody in internet and cyber, On todays show the Withered Hands Podcast hands you an insane slice of scottish epicness from those candlelight boys….Falloch!!

Ben Brown who plays bass in the band took some time out and gave me and you listeners some insight into the creative world of both him and the Falloch guys. This has it all, a past, a present and a view of things to come and some bullshit banter to give it that WHP feel!. Ben was great and the interview i felt ran very smoothly and I have nothing but thanks to both he and Falloch for allowing us into their world for an hour.

A new album is out via candlelight called “This Island, Our Funeral” and the band are deep into a lengthy tour over europe as I release this show so good luck to them with both the new release and the tour. From the pictures Ive seen its all going pretty damn well.

On the show we feature 3 blisteringly good tracks..We start off with my personal fav from the first album “Where Distant Spirits remain” and thats called Horizon…as the show progresses we showcase two new songs from the latest “This Island, Our Funeral” album with Tòrradh and I Shall Built Mountains…So sit your butts down and engulf yourself in this epic show with epic music and somewhat epic conversation..haha!! Enjoy guys!!

Be sure to check out http://www.falloch.com for all you things Falloch. Merch, news, Info…you name it..they have it!!

Have a good one people!!




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