Its been a little over six months since Jon Collins was first mentioned on the show, and that was in our first ever interview show with his label mates “Swords Of Dis”. Well Six months down the line and here he is talking about the music he loves, has loved and loves to make. Clocking in at over 2 hours this interview has it all. You’ll hear all you can about his music ventures past and present and you’ll even hear him get confused at some of the questions raised by myself as at the time of the Interview I was sick as a dog and on occasion made very little sense. Haha! It was a great interview though and I was proud to finally talk to Jon and promote his music.

Aeurtum has released 2 full lengths as of this date!! The debut “The Fall” can be purchased via bandcamp and so can the new album “The Depths Of Which These Roots Do Bind”, Both essential for your collection of your face of Melodic Death Metal/Doom or even Black Metal. You will find beauty with this tragic display of brutality.

If you like what you hear, head over to any of the following links and support your arse’s out of this band!

http://aeurtum.bandcamp.com….https://www.facebook.com/Aeurtum >> More links can be found through the facebook page…for some reason I am unable to share them on here. Odd!!

Contact the band via….


Label Management –


Band Management –

Jon at: aeurtum@Gmail.com

Songs featured on the show are “Dust In the Sunlight” from “The Fall LP” / “Frozen In The Grain & Shade Of A Behemoth” from the new release “The Depths Of Which These Roots Do Bind”

So sit back and enjoy the show guys!, get some coke, some tea, some coffee, or even some beer given its the right time of the day 🙂

Stay Withered!

Tom + The WHP Team!

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