Happy new year podcasting fans!! The Withered Hands Podcast is back!! and we are bigger than ever!! on today’s show we feature Sylvain from french metallers Monolithe! On the eve of some fresh new releases we take hold and get into the mind of one of the most diverse bands to come out of the country! We spoke in depth about the originals of the band, the themes behind the music, the directions and inpending possibility of live performances. We also shoot the shit about food and culture and the french destain for english cuisine. It truly was a great show to take part in and one that was meant to be released before the new year but due to changes in website formats and all that it was unable to happen. However here it is folks for your listening pleasure. Over two hours of Music and chatting. So sit back and enjoy the show people!!

The tracks featured on the show are “Monolithic Pillars” and excerts from both “Monolithe I and II”

To keep track of all things Monolithe head over to…

[http://dmp666.bandcamp.com/] for links to downloading and streaming Monolithe’s discrography.

Take care podcast listeners, If you like what you hear, share the show, share the band and support all things underground!!

Stay Withered!!


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