We started talking about DIESEL KING a few months ago, when we interviewed them in occasion of their show supporting Cult Of Occult at The Unicorn in Camden – London. We’ve been told then their new album was going to be released real soon and we’ve been waiting for the big event!
Last Saturday night (07.02.15) we had the chance to be there in occasion of their new album launch party! “Concrete Burial”, that’s its title, is an amazing new record! The way the guys have been able to mix in their style sludge, hardcore and death ‘n roll is quite amazing. Nothing ground-breaking from this point of view but indeed a record which you don’t want to miss out! In a moment when sludge is slowly becoming more and more popular and death metal in the old ’90s way is rising from the ashes, DIESEL KING found the perfect way to merge in their music the best of the different genres avoiding to waste their potential by creating stale music. I think the best way to describe their sound would be to describe a compromise in between Misery Index, Crowbar and Acephalix. If you know the bands, you know how powerful the Diesel King’s sound is!
The songs we’re going to play for you are the opener of the new album “Brainhammer” and the following second track of the album titled “Inferis”!
It wasn’t an easy choice to pick a song rather than another but I think these two tracks are the perfect introduction to “Concrete Burial” and to DIESEL KING’s founded music direction!
Start following the band if you didn’t yet and show them some love! You can check them out on bandcamp at [http://dieselking.bandcamp.com/] or follow them on Fb at [http://www.facebook.com/Dieselkinguk].

Thanks for the support and please keep sharing!!!
Every little helps!!!
Stay withered,

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