In collaboration with Chaos Theory Promotion (www.chaostheorymusic.co.uk) here we’re with a new interesting interview collected in occasion of THE FACEMELTER! Chaos Theory is celebrating its fifth year of activities and in occasion of this massive birthday party, they’ve decided to book some of the most incredible bands organizing amazing shows all over the capital and amongst those they’ve got the heavy Facemelter nights!!!
We were with them for the Latitudes’ show at The Black Hearth in London, supported by Bast (in great shape!) and Three Thrones (take a note on this name!). Chaos Theory was going to video record the whole show and we had the great idea of joining forces in order to create a first time combination of live video recording featuring us and our interview as special content! We interviewed just Latitudes but you can find through the Chaos Theory web site also the other two bands performances at http://www.chaostheorymusic.co.uk!
We chatted with Latitudes about their new album which should be recorded pretty soon at SkyHammer Studios (another great production supervised by Chris Fielding) and about their plans for this year live shows!
We thruly hope you’re going to enjoy the video and the interview and on top of everything we hope you’ll start following Chaos Theory which, moving indipendently, is setting up some of the most amazing shows in town!
You can find Latitudes at the following links:

Soundcloud [http://soundcloud.com/latitudes-official]
Bigcartel [http://latitudes.bigcartel.com/]
LastFM [http://www.last.fm/music/Latitudes]
YOUTUBE [www.youtube.com/user/LatitudesVideo]
OFFICIAL WEB SITE [http://latitudesmusic.com/]
Reverbnation [www.reverbnation.com/latitudesmusic]
MYSPACE [www.myspace.com/latitudesmusic]
SHELSMUSIC’s OFFICIAL SITE [www.shelsmusic.com]

Support Latitudes, support Chaos Theory and please keep sharing!
Doom on folks!

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