][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 03 ][ 2015 ][


So here we are podcast followers for another jam packed episode of the hand of glory. On this show we delve deep into the mind with some epic and torturous opus’es from some of the slowest and darkest bands around. Its our job to give you people the best of the best and today’s show is no exception. Here are 5 songs that will stick in your mind long after the show has finished. So pull up and chair, stick on your ipod or however your choosing to hear this and immerse yourself in the beauty of misery and despair. With a lil sludge puppy at the end.

Enjoy Folks!! Stay Withered…


Funeris (Argentina)
Song: Tearing the Astral Seas
Album: Funereal Symphonies

Abske Fides (Brazil)
Song: Aesthetic Hallucination of Reality
Album: Abske FIdes

Aabysynthum (Romania)
Song: Plumb
Album: Non Forms… Regressus Ad Originem

Maiden Voyage (United Kingdom)
Song: Behold Mist-Laden Landscapes
Album: As The Colour Of Love Flows From My Shattered Teeth/ The Journey Embarks

Whales And Aurora (Italy)
Song: A New Awareness
Album: The Shipwreck

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