After a few brand new shows from Tom I couldn’t hold myself back and I was really looking forward to my new ones to get ready! I’ve been finally able to interview TORPOR!
If you didn’t listen yet to their live recording from the time they played with Conan [listen to that show here], this is about time for ya all to get hammered by their music.
We had the pleasure to have a chat with them in occasion of their latest album launch party in London for an event which saw them sharing the stage with Sonance and Caina and Jotnnar. Able to devastate the listener through their slow paced metal assault, an interesting dual vocals approach and an almost psychedelic heaviness, they offered us an amazing show moving through the new album’ tracks. Blowing amps and torturing ears they delivered a great new album this year and we are goin to play for you two songs off it!
The interview with them put some light onto the future live shows of the band and gave us some info regarding the new piece of art just pressed on vinyl and soon to be pressed in a unique version on CD!
Support Torpor and get a copy of their new record!
I’m sure enough you’re goin to love it!

You can find them through the following links:

Stay withered folks!

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