There we are with the second of three episodes for this new ON STAGE show.
After SHEOL a few days ago we come back with SLOW PLAGUE.

This London based duo is one of the harshest projects around. Their drum/bass heaviness combined with the dual vocals approach creates a new level of filth. Thinking of them as a mix in between early Beherit and Sardonis, their music channels sludge, death and crust balancing head banging riffs and slower annihilating bits.
While the two men lineups are becoming quite normal in sludge ‘n doom, these guys are trying in my opinion to find the right equilibrium and they’re actually doing this in a successful way by trying mixing up different genres and finding their own direction. Keep an eye on them and enjoy this short interview and live recording.

You can find them on facebook and bandcamp.

See you soon with thw third part of this show and OBLITERATION!

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