For you on WHP, once again, OPIUM LORD!
Back with the guys from OPIUM LORD in occasion of their new album release!
We were talking with them almost a year ago about the new album and finally Candlelight has released it! I was expecting a great album and it actually is! This new full-lenght titled “The Calendrical Cycle: Eye Of Earth” is an amazing record!
Starting from what has been left from the first EP, this new LP builds up tonnes of heaviness and gloom leaving room not only to sludge beats. In fact the tracks in it move through quite a lot of different genres being able to mix and develope an organic album. The production is just perfect and the artwork, a mix of Deftones and Atlas Moth inspired images, is a cool as the rest of the production!
We had a chat with the guys about the upcoming events, about their ideas and a little about what the future plans are for the band! Attached to the iterview there are two songs taken from “The Calendrical Cycle”.
Have a laugh with us and enjoy one of the finest sludge oriented bands around! You can find them on Fb by clicking on the link!
Stay withered,

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