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There we are with a new episode of THE HAND OF GLORY!
This should have been out last Friday but we had some issues with Soundcloud etc… Sorry for the delay!
On the way back from Roadburn, there we are with a brand new show featuring some of the most amazing acts around!
Check them out and show them some love! Links are set up below so you can find out more about the bands and their releases!
See you soon with more amazing shows!

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Doom on folks!!!


DOGBANNERAnd here we are with our interview with Downfall Of Gaia and the live report of their London show. Before I start talking about DOG and leave you to their interview, I would like to thank José Ramón Caamaño for being there as our photographer and documenting a great show! José is a real talented photographer and you can find part of his works through his Flikr page!

The Infernal Sea1 The Infernal Sea2 The Infernal Sea3 The Infernal Sea4The opening band was The Infernal Sea. I was familiar with the band as I had chance to listen to them before but this was the first time I watched them live.
The show itself has been pretty cool. Nice to see them on stage with background banners and medieval pest’ masks to create a true black metal inspired vibe. While the appearence was absolutely outstanding, I think these guys need to work still on a few details. The songs stracture quite often falls into the classic black metal cliche leaving the listener somehow disappointed. I love black metal the old school way but I think it’s quite hard nowadays to create something unique in a genre which has been played already for over two decades. At the same time a well structured song with better drumming ideas and powerful riffs can make the difference and I think this is what The Infernal Sea need to improve. Don’t get me wrong, they play their black metal in a great way, and if you like the old classics you’ll fall in love with them. I just believe they have great potential and with time they are going to release some incredible slabs of heaviness. From this point of view, I’m really looking forward to their new record of which, following their live show, seems to be sounding more mature.

Der Weg einer Freiheit2Something totally different happened with Der Weg Einer Freiheit, band which I didn’t listen before as much as The Infernal Sea and that has been able to catch the attention of the whole crowd present at The Black Hearth. Featuring a powerful and ultra-technical brutal death metal inspired drumming, their black metal influenced soundDer Weg einer Freiheit1 has literally destroyed all the expectations leaving the previous esibition on a lower level. Without taking anything away from the first band they have simply been able to offer something rather more violent and at the same time melodic with a riffing moving in between shoegaze parts as much as more “emperor-ish” moments.
The public got totally ecstatic in front of such display of power and technical mastery and this aspect has shown a band which some how has Der Weg einer Freiheit3been under different points of view the highlight of the whole show. They’ve been a real surprise! Der Weg einer Freiheit4From my point of view, the balance in between drum’ triggers, and more old school oriented sounds in combination with the modern touch of a riffing which is trying to take the distance from the classic black metal root has been the key aspect of their live perfomance. I’m really looking forward to watch them on stage once again!
Headlining the event and last band of the show, Downfall Of Gaia!    I really was looking forward to this one as I got in love with the band’s last release and secondDownfall Of Gaia2 album out for the infamous Metal Blade! We’re talking about one of the best productions of the past year’ postmetal/sludge scene with “Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay“. After I listened to that record I’ve honestly devoured the previous releases and I was real curious about waDownfall Of Gaia1tching them performing as I never had Downfall Of Gaia4the chance before. Their show has been super and althought their sound wasn’t as powerful as the previous band in terms of heaviness, the more “natural” vibe introduced a band which is able to play amazing music mixing the melancholic feeling of theDownfall Of Gaia5 songs with an almost tragic black metal oriented touch. The sludge part which alternate to more intricate melodies moving through different genres and subgenres  are the tip of the iceberg. In fact the songs flow in a real amazing way taking the listener from Downfall Of Gaia3moment of pure desperation to moments of violence and madness. Here as well a perfect balanced example of sounds and technique for a band which has got loads to offer on stage and which has become one of my favourites. Really looking forward to double this experience and enjoy their live set at this coming Roadburn!

Leaving you with Downfall Of Gaia‘s short interview, I would like to thank once again our photographer for the amazing pictures he has taken for us!

Stay withered!