After months and months of anticipation the interview was completed!! and by god was it one to remember. Soo much that this particular interview will span over 3 shows!! Tom Phillips of While Heaven Wept kindly sat down (Via skype) late one night with myself and we literally enaged in one of most intricate, honest and open interviews that I, myself have done to date. Each of these shows are must hear so please take the time to engage yourselves fully whilst these shows take a hold of you and tear you apart, only to piece you back together again then as with all things, the cycle with repeat until that last bell rings of episode 3. I am gonna give nothing away in this monolgue as I feel the best in revealed within the confines of the podcast. So for now I want to thank Tom for his time, Thank While Heaven Wept for thier music and thank YOU! the fan for listening!..

Songs featured on Part 01 are….”The Memory Of Bleeding/Souls In Permafrost/Searching The Stars” From the latest release “Suspended At Aphelion” & “The Drowning Years” from the album “Of Empires Forlorn”

Take care folks!, Stay withered!!


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