So we are finally here!! The 3rd and final part of the trilogy of shows with Tom Phillips Of While Heaven Wept. On the last show we left you wondering why the conversation was cut off at such a crucial point. Well on today’s show all questions will be answered and we amp up the emotional aspect of interview. There was no better way to end the trilogy than the show we have for you today. So sit back and enjoy as we end this trilogy in style!

From one Tom to another, Its been a pleasure and am both thankful and greatfull for the time you shared with me. Until next time!! I’ll catch you down the road

 Tracks Featured :

Track – The Mourning
Album – Sorrow Of The Angels

Track – To Grieve Forever
Album – The Fear Of Infinity

Links :


Also head over to [http://whileheavenwept.bandcamp.com] to purchase all you While Heaven Wept merch. Money goes directly into the pockets of the artists, The way it should be. So if possible, Always choose this route!

Until next time folks, Enjoy the show and as always…



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