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Welcome one and all! On today’s show I had the fortunate pleasure of Interviewing two members of now not so all female (doom/sludge/stoner/what-ever else you wanna add on!) band shEver!

Jesse (Guitar) + Alex (Vocals) join me in the withered hand hotseat to let me and all you know all about the past-present and (wobbly) future of the band. We talk of people who have come, people who have gone and people who get pissed off with you spilling their whisky! We hear how Chris is the only woman in the band! We talk about odd bands they have played with, small venues they have played in, the time they got asked to carry on playing even though they had such little material at the time! Belly dancing and of course City Of God..

All this and whole lot more, including selected cuts from the bands history. So strap yourself in, plonk on your headphones or press play through your computer and listen away!

As I Introduce…ShEver!


Songs Used are :-

01. (You Are) The Mirror – From <The Mirror Demo>
02. Oceans Of Pain – From <Oceans Of Illusions>
03. Hagazussa – From <A Dialogue With The Dimensions>
04. Je Suis Nee – From <Rituals>
05. Failed To Avoid – <Panta Rhei>







As always I hope you enjoy the show, Sorry for the no intro, Sometimes they happen, sometimes they don’t!

Stay Withered!


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