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Happy new year podcast fans!! and its so good to start the new year in style!! On the show today I sit down with Esoteric vocalist/guitarist/producist? Greg Chandler to talk about the origins of the band, his passion for music. Both creating music and producing music. From awful studio names to playing at ungodly hours! And with a small pinch of My Silent Wake banter

This is episode number one of 2016!! What a way to start!


Songs Used are :-

01. The Blood Of The Eyes – From <Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continnum>
02. Silence – From <The Maniacal Vale>
03. Abandonment – From <Paragon Of Dissonance>
04. The Noise Of Depression – From <Epistemological Despondency>








As always I hope you enjoy the show, And yes there in an intro and an a somewhat sort of outro..anyhow

Stay Withered!


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