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 Hello everybody out there in podcast/blog land!! We are back and we are bigger than ever! On todays show we are blessed to be interviewing Ali Lauder who is the vocalist and guitarist of Sludge/Doomsters (aka Whatever else you wanna label them as) Of Spire And Throne!

Ali was nice enough to give his time for this interview and was a real good spot. Please sit back and enjoy and embrace all that is Of Spire And Throne.

Take note, on the flyer the new bassist Joe is not pictured but some new promos are coming your way!

Find out about the past, the present and the exiting future of the band and the possibility of not 1, but 2 albums coming your way this year!!


Songs Used :-

01 – Steeped In Ruin (From The Trial Of Failure)

02 – Cascading Shred (From Toll Of The Wound)

03 – Upon The Spine (From Sactum In The Light)


Links :-

Official Website




As always, thanks for listening, and reading, until next time….


Stay Withered!


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