There comes a point in ones life when you really connect with a band, where no matter what they do, you stick by them. The faces change and you worry the music may suffer, become less than what your used to. In some cases this happens, passions fade and so does the enthusiasm. The same cannot be said for relatively young band Desolate Pathway.

Since their inception a mere 2 years ago so much has happened within’ the confines of the band that could lead anyone on a one way path into despair. Band changes from right to left, up to down. Set backs, cancelled shows..the list goes on. However through all of this two faces have remained constant. Those faces being Vince Hempstead (Vocals, Guitar) and Mags (Drums)

On today’s show we have a very in depth interview about all the trails and tribulations regarding the band since day one. I won’t delve to much into it here but all will be revealed on this episode of the Withered Hands Podcast. So sit back and enjoy a very candid and open chat about the music, people lying, people leaving, moving forward, DP’s and Game of Thrones endings.


Songs Used : –

Into The Realms Of Poseidon
(From Into The Realms Single)

Season Of The Witch
(From Valley Of The King)

Tales Of Glaucus
(From Into The Realms Single)

King Of Vultures
(From Valley Of The King)


Links : –





facebook.com 13615295_10155067257103677_4504933432009494201_n

_Vince, Yours Truly, Mags_

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As always, Stay Withered!



  1. Hi Tom

    I searched for a covers band to join so that I could fund Desolate Pathway, never had a chance to input as it was always Vinces way or no way, it was always what he wanted and made no opportunity for me to get together and write as he knew my novice status in this area, mags and Vince are too alike and unfortunately not in reality anymore, he was stalking and checking up.on me, no one in the real world can n hit that level of commitment, need to be more aware of this so they can go forward otherwise always gonna put people off. Shame listening to this and hearing two bitter people moan about others letting them down when we were let down by them, it cost us money and time too.

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