{SHOWCASE} {05/07/2018}


Episode 05-07-2018 (Showcase)

And I am back and welcome one and all to the reboot of the Withered Hand Podcast, where the hell have I been? who knows! Its been nearly two years since I release an original show and I thought it was about damn time to release a new show! so sorry for the lack of shows in the past two years. Many negative things have occurred that have kept me away from this but I am back and I hope to keep this going as long as possible for you, all of you and for me.

So onto today…This of course is a showcase show where I will be featuring select songs from some bands that have really caught my eye as late. Some of which I know very little about but I hope by you all hearing them it helps you step through that door into their own personal music world and you embrace all that you experience…

So the bands featured on the show today are….

Suffer In Paradise (RUS)


Album – On The Verge
Songs – Tragedy

Sleep Token (UK)

[Record Label]

Album – Unknown
Song – Jaws


Odradek Room (UKR)

[Bandcamp (Label Page)]

Album – Texture Of Reality
Song – A Man Of Silt


Mother Witch And The Dead Water Ghosts (UKR)


Album – Ruins Of Faith
Songs – Ruins Of Faith

Haunted (ITA)


Album – Dayburner
Songs – Mourning Sun


Guillotine Dream (UK)


Album – A War On The Passage Of Time
Songs – Darkling Rooms

I truly hope you enjoy this show and that you have either discovered something new or are revisiting something you didn’t realise you loved until.

A quick note, I pronounced the name of the ep of Guillotine Dream wrong, so sorry guys and sorry all for the that! my bad!

Hope my rambling didn’t annoy any of you..but if it did..let me know

Always, Stay Withered


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