{Interview} {Estrangement}


I’m baaaaack! HELLO! everybody! its been so long but I am back and I have an interview with the wonder Mr JS Decline of Australian band Estrangement. Now this interview was done a few weeks ago and its no stretch to say it was a complete delight to be able to converse with such a genuine and pleasant guy, not to say that the interviews that have proceeded this have been nasty in anyway (Minus one) its just it feels all so fresh again and this was the perfect start to what hopefully will become the reboot of the show.

This show was two years in the making and all the credit needs to go JS as he has remained respectful and polite and happy throughout all the ups and down and because of him we are hear to today and you are able to bare witness to this.

So without further adieu, get yourself a brew and sit, lay, stand..jump up and down..do whatever you like and have a listen to this show! I truly hope you enjoy it and if you do like what you hear, please check out the links below and show the band some love.

As always, Stay Withered!


Songs used on the show :

Childlike Bewilderment – Featured On Split With Begrabnis, Available through Weird Truth Productions

Disentanglement (Of Sound From Mind) – Featured on the Beneath Belong demo – Check Bandcamp – //Free download\\

De Sade Solilquy – Featured on the double album tribute to My Dying Bride (A Lake Of Ghosts) – Currently sold out

Links :

Facebook / Bandcamp / Official