Its that time again folks! I am back and this time I am featuring Ukrainian Post-Progressive metal band “Nug”

From only playing a few shows to selling out most if not all of the merch they provide, this is the story of the hows and the whys of the band. Discover concepts, lyrical meanings, how the vocalist came to be, how the band came to be and what they like to do in their spare time.

So without further adieu, get yourself a brew and sit, lay, stand..jump up and down..do whatever you like and have a listen to this show! I truly hope you enjoy it and if you do like what you hear, please check out the links below and show the band some love.

As always, Stay Withered!


Songs used on the show :

“Enemy” + “Thursday” Both songs featured on the Dark Mass (Ep) Available digitally on the Bandcamp site.

Links :

Facebook / Bandcamp /Twitter/SoundCloudYouTube


Additional :

Check out the link below and tell me what you think of the remastered version of Weighing Souls With Sand by The Angelic Process….Also buy a shirt and support incredible music.

Weighing Souls With Sand (2018 Plotkin Remaster)