{Interview} {THESIS}


Welcome one and all the latest edition of the Withered Hand Podcast, this time we are proud to feature Kacper who is the vocalist of polish rock band Thesis. In this show we discover more so about how Kacper came to be in the band, the highlights, the lowlights and everything in between. Learn about how the album “Kres” was conceived, how the whole thing was recorded live. Fathers approvals and disapprovals and the ups and down of life as a whole. So sit back and enjoy the episode. Feel free to comment on anything and let us know your out there.

My apologies in advance for some of the technical difficulties but i hope this does not sway you away from what i feel is one of the best shows I have released to date.

Thanks again everyone and as always…

Stay withered


Songs used on the show :

Szum, Wstyd & Godziny From The latest record (Kres)
Dzisiaj which features on the (Z Dnia Na Dzień Na Gorsze) Album
And also Persephona from the (Channel 1) release.

All songs are Available digitally on the Bandcamp site. Many of them are free at this time. So go check them out!

Links :

Facebook / Bandcamp /OfficialYouTube

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