Interview – Sidetrack Walker (Part 01)

Welcome one and all to the latest edition of the Withered Hands Podcast, On todays show we have the pleasure of interviewing Dominik Sonders who is responsible for such projects as Sidetrack Walker, Memoirs and Unmasqueraded and The Reel Redeemer. The later of which will be discussed more in depth in part two of the interview as this show was so densely packed full of content it just had to be split into two.

“Unmasqueraded” Photo courtesy of Dominik Sonders

In this episode we explore the origins of the man himself, what led him both into music and into the world for which he resides. We venture back to the days of marching bands and on ward to an existence with a long ass beard! We delve into realms of Sci Fi addiction and how sometimes German shows can sometimes totally miss the point of translation in television shows.

From odd interviews to inspirational promotion shots. From wanting more to knowing you need to accept less. To being content that perfection is fairly hard to achieve, if at all possible? From starting bands, to losing band members. Unpopular band names and unconventional musical direction choices.

“Memoirs” (Photo courtesy of Memoirs Bandcamp Page)

We examine the depth with which it takes to simply be an individual.

At the time of recording Dominik was taking a much needed break from the world of artistic expression and trying to rekindle his passion with getting to know who he is. The interview through the course of its two part expanse takes turns into self awareness for both he and also myself. This is much more than a show about music. This is a show about life and how to live.

You’ll have to forgive my repetitive nature of saying certain things. This will become apparent as the show unfolds. I hope this does not deter you from taking the time to invest in this show. There is so much to be found here, so much to discover. So much it needed two parts!

As always there is music from the man himself to accompany the show…Track listing is as follows…

  • “Behind The Scenes” from “Come What May” (Sidetrack Walker)
  • “Only Silence Knows My Name” From “The Art Of Starvation” (Sidetrack Walker)
  • “12.18” Unreleased Track (Unmasqueraded)
  • “Will To Leave” From “The Art Of Starvation” (Sidetrack Walker)
  • “Call To Arms” From “Unwritten Chapter” (Memoirs)
  • “Of Landscapes Unchanged” From “Mirrors And Mirages” (Sidetrack Walker)
  • “The Coming Of May” From “Come What May” (Sidetrack Walker)

Photo Courtesy Of Sidetrack Walker

If you would like to contact or listen to music Dominik Creates..Follow the links below…

As always guys, Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the show and I hope you will join us in part two.

Stay withered and take care of yourselves


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