Interview – Sidetrack Walker Part 02

Its that time again folks for another installment of the Withered Hands Podcast however on this EPIC! show we have a few little alterations that may just surprise you.

First things first, this is the second part of a two part episode featuring Dominik Sonders of Sidetrack Walker, Memoirs, Vita Dolorosa and The Real Redeemer. If you haven’t checked out the previous show. Go back in time and take the time to immerse yourself in listening to that from back to back.

In this installment we continue our journey into the discovery of what makes Dominik tick and we answer that all important question that everyone wants and needs answer. Does he know what Red Dwarf is?

One thing you will find very apparent from the get go that this portion of the episode was put into the faithful hands of Dominik himself. Apart from a few suggestions here and there Dominik took complete control and was even nice enough to do an intro blurb for the show. A thing I have become synonymous with throughout my years of making this show. From sound editing to timeline structure its all in his hands and I have to say he has given me a run for my money here and has left me wondering just how much I can improve future shows.

So thank you to Mr Sonders for this. It was an honour to have you both on the show and helping behind the scenes.

Songs Used…

  • “Good news/Bad Riddance” from Come What May – Sidetrack Walker
  • “The Host” From The Art Of Starvation – Sidetrack Walker
  • “She Is The Dark” From A Lake Of Ghosts ( Compilation Of My Dying Bride Covers) – Vita Dolorosa
  • “Trans-Neptunian-Subject” – Unreleased Snippet from The Real Redeemer
  • “Autopandemic” Unreleased Snippet from The Real Redeemer

Links ….

I would like to take this time once again to thank Dominik for his time and patience and for helping making this all reality. Also I would like to think Yegor (Bewitched) for always being so on hands to help me with flyers and to tell me when things are good, bad and ugly. Without people like these two I would find it very hard to make any sort of show.

ALSO! I will give a shout out to one J.S Dachs or Decline of Estrangement who has been banging on at me to get these shows out almost incessantly since he knew they were in the works and for being so supportive of both myself, Dominik and the show in general. Thank you all!

Stay withered folks and please. Stay Safe!


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