2014 – YEAR I
The WHP project started with Tom in 2014. With the idea of giving people some unique kind of interviews and showcasing music worth of a listen he started contacting various bands worldwide in order to have with them some interesting chats in order to get to know and make people know the artists in a better and deeper way. After a few months he get in touch with Arcana Coelestia’s leader and through him with Rob, singer on the band’s latest album “Nomas”. Rob got touched by Tom’s idea and offer to start collaborating in order to create and improve the Podcast. By the end of the year Tom and Rob collected 40 shows moving through interviews, live interviews and live recordings and showcase shows. With 3 different formats thus far and a quite good ammount of followers they created a new and interesting way of supporting the scene! 2015 is starting and more is to come!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. hey withered hand / tom, thanks for the live show and interview downloads, i just grabbed the 11PARANOIAS article and im looking forward to hearing it! i was wondering if you might likw to get in touch with me at tomn_71@hotmail.com as i have a live rec of 11PARANOIAS in bristol, i was wondering about a trade with you

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