][ The Hand Of Glory ][ Episode 08 ][ 2015 ]

New show

The Withered Hand Podcast is on tour this time for this Hand Of Glory episode!! This episode chronicles the journey of one “Tom” as he embarked on a quest to the land of Ukraine to guest as a special musician for Narrow House in thier show at the Ukrainian Doom And Depression 2015 show on April 11th. You will hear tales of food, ice tea, rehearsal madness, words being pronouced wrong and a heathy dose of DOOM! so slip on your ear phones or speakers and crank this out. I Hope you enjoy this one folks!

Bands Featured on todays show :

Mental Torment (UKR)


Album – On The Verge
Songs – Tragedy

Suffer Yourself (UKR)


Album – Inner Sactum
Song – Darkness Part 1


Bomg (UKR)


Album – Polynseeds
Songs – Sannikov Land


Narrow House (UKR)


Album – Rehearsals
Songs – Improvisational Pieces/Offensive Comments/I,Mud/Renaissance (Rebirth) – Excert

Please note that in recording I state that the Suffer Yourself song is called “Darkness Part 2, its not, its Darkness Part 1”

Stay Withered!!


][ The Hand Of Glory ][ Episode 07 ][ 2015 ]


I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!.. Hello fellow podcast lovers!! My name is Tom and this is my turn on the HAND OF GLORY SHOWCASE!!…Some intensely grim cuts to be shared with you today! Some brutal, some beautiful, some ugly, some just plain fucking evil!. So stick in your headphones or link up your speakers and encase yourself in this coffin of sound!!

Artists and Songs on the show today are :

Ego Depths (Ukraine/Canada)
Song: Exosphere
Album: Oligoria Blodd

Pike (Sweden)
Song: Nothing But Dust
Album: To Cross The Great Devide

Below The Sun (Russia)
Song: Alone
Album: Envoy

Shalrath (USA)
Song: Lessons Of Darkness
Album: The Ebon Fortress

Carnival Of Flesh (Serbia)
Song: The Horror
Album: Stories From A Fallen World

I truly hope you enjoyed the show folks and be sure to keep yourself apraised of all things Withered Hands as we have some great shows coming your way in the following weeks. Must hear material!!

Stay Withered!!


][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ Episode 06 ][ 2015 ]


There we are with a new episode of THE HAND OF GLORY!
This should have been out last Friday but we had some issues with Soundcloud etc… Sorry for the delay!
On the way back from Roadburn, there we are with a brand new show featuring some of the most amazing acts around!
Check them out and show them some love! Links are set up below so you can find out more about the bands and their releases!
See you soon with more amazing shows!

– for you this time –

Doom on folks!!!

][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 04 ][ 2015 ][


THE HAND OF GLORY is back with my side of the show and this time I really hope you’re going to enjoy!
I think one of the best things into work with WHP is to have the chance to meet some amazing people and artists out there. This has been for me one of those occasions when I felt like being blessed or cursed (depending on the point of view) by meeting the guys from DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT.
Had a great time with them in occasion of their last show in London a few months ago and we promised to each other to come up with a good show which could take the distance from what we already created with the podcast until that moment. Something which even not being an interview or a live recording could give an idea of who the guys in the bands are and what their music style is. So we thought about our showcase show!
As you maybe might now, we do twice a month a show named “The Hand Of Glory”. Through it we try to play some amazing musicand give some information about the bands we play. The idea was quite convincing and we decided to have a collaboration with DIS moving in that direction.
Why not to create something where the bands can play the music they like?
So there we are, a few months later playing for the very first time in the still short history of this podcast a similar show!
DIS, one of the most original bands in the scene, able to mix doom, sludge, black and death metal into a monstrous identity presents:

Endon – Parraricide Agent Service
Atriarch – Collapse
Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall
Thantifaxath– Gasping in Darkness
Baptists – Harm Induction
False Light – Lung
11 PARANOIAS – Surrealise
Earth – From The Zodiacal Light
Urfaust – Spiritus Nihilus
Swallowed – Reverence Through Darkness

Cheers DIS!!!
Doom on folks!
Rob & WHP

][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 03 ][ 2015 ][


So here we are podcast followers for another jam packed episode of the hand of glory. On this show we delve deep into the mind with some epic and torturous opus’es from some of the slowest and darkest bands around. Its our job to give you people the best of the best and today’s show is no exception. Here are 5 songs that will stick in your mind long after the show has finished. So pull up and chair, stick on your ipod or however your choosing to hear this and immerse yourself in the beauty of misery and despair. With a lil sludge puppy at the end.

Enjoy Folks!! Stay Withered…


Funeris (Argentina)
Song: Tearing the Astral Seas
Album: Funereal Symphonies

Abske Fides (Brazil)
Song: Aesthetic Hallucination of Reality
Album: Abske FIdes

Aabysynthum (Romania)
Song: Plumb
Album: Non Forms… Regressus Ad Originem

Maiden Voyage (United Kingdom)
Song: Behold Mist-Laden Landscapes
Album: As The Colour Of Love Flows From My Shattered Teeth/ The Journey Embarks

Whales And Aurora (Italy)
Song: A New Awareness
Album: The Shipwreck

][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 02 ][ 2015 ][



Finally back on track with The Hand Of Glory! Episode number two for this new year and already loads goin’ on under every point of view! Great shows on the way and as usual our monthly double showcase appointment! If you don’t know yet about it, we started THOG last year showcasing new music twice during the month on top of all of our other formats and it’s been great to get to know new people and give to you out there some new bands to talk about! For this new year we started with a lot of bands already and in between me and Tom we already have got quite a lot of names for you! As usual guys, if you like what you’re goin to listen to, just get in touch with the bands and support them in an active way! Get your hands on some great releases and try not to download for the sake of having a few new mp3s!
This time for you we’ve got V A I L S (power sludgy duo) from UK which just came out with a 2 tracks demo which makes me hope for a first album real soon! We’ve got MAGE from UK as well, just came out a few months ago for Witchhunter Records and recorded at SkyHammer Studios (check this out!) and we’ve got another amazing band from UK which is SONANCE and these guys as well just came out with a new album which sounds simply dynamite!
To follow we’ve got HELA from Spain, a she-singer fronted doom metal band with already an album out and a new split album!!! We’ve got also GALE from US which are in my opinion one of the most interesting bands I’ve discovered last year!
And much, much, more!!!! CHILDREN OF ERIS from Germany, ACID COMA from Russia, Kaiser from Finland, Leather Lung from US, Samghata from US and Sarin Bath from Canada!!!
To follow guys all of the links you need!!!
Check these bands out, share the links, play their music, give them a thumb up on Fb!!!
Every little helps folks!!!
Stay doomed and keep it withered guys!!!
Enjoy our new show,

VAILS – vailsband.bandcamp.com/
MAGE – mage.bandcamp.com/
SONANCE – sonance.bandcamp.com/
HELA – hela.bandcamp.com/
GALE – gale.bandcamp.com/
CHILDREN OF ERIS – childrenoferis.bandcamp.com/
ACID COMA – acidcoma.bandcamp.com/
KAISER – kaiserfuzz.bandcamp.com/
LEATHER LUNG – leatherlungcult.bandcamp.com/
SAMGHATA – samghata.bandcamp.com/
SARIN BATH – sarinbath.bandcamp.com/

][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 01 ][ 2015 ][


Its a new year and a new beginning for a year of showcasing shows aimed to get your ears attacked by some of the freshest, most gloomy and beautiful music on offer in this great big world of ours.

HOWEVER!! the issues of the WHP continue, in creating todays show, the whole “Shattered Hope” segment became dislodged and decided to do a runner so I’m sorry to say there is not “Shattered Hope” music on this episode, but this will be rectified for a future show I promise folks!!

Onto what did make the cut today!!!

Cavalar (England)
Song: Rush
Album: As A Metal Of Fact

Eleven Drops To Sink Into (Bulgaria)
Song: In A Short Moment
Album: A Shelter From Time

The Angelic Process (United States)
Song: Dying In A Minor
Album: Weighing Souls With Sand

Forest Of Shadows (Sweden)
Song: Wish
Album: Where Dreams Turn To Dust (MCD)

Acid Mountain (Australia)
Song: Buried Pages
Album: Acid Mountain

As I said before, the whole “Shattered Hope” thing didn’t seem to want to happen but i will be sure to rectify this in the future!! As for the bands on the show, I hope you get as excited as we did listening to them. Have a great time listening and please leave your feedback.

Stay Withered Folks!




And there we are for a massive episode of THE HAND OF GLORY! We wanted to do a fat one for you guys as we’re not sure if we can make it for December… I’m thinking now I would love to do one in December as we get loads of bands contacting us and I’ve discovered some great amazing names over the past few weeks… Well, let’s see what is goin to happen. Meanwhile, if we won’t be able to do anything for you, we just wanted to make sure you were goin to have enough good names to think about for the upcoming Xmas! Santa would be really happy to get you some new titles or that’s what I would ask for, some dirty sludgy doom and so on!!! I’m a real happy guy when coming back home I find new material so you can imagine how I could be for Xmas with loads of new titles waiting for me! Cutting short on the funny stories now… Let’s get started with this big fat show!
I won’t be bodering you writing why or how I like these bands but I can say I bought some of their releases and you can find almost all of them available through the bands themselves!! If you like what you listen to, as usual, get in touch with the bands and support them! Underground music is made of support! Don’t be shy! They’re trying hard to create unique and brilliant music for all of you out there so please show them some love!

CHARNIA (Belgium)
Song: Het Dodenhuis
Album: Degeraad

HYPNOS (France)
Song: Morphee
Album: Morphee EP

Song: Seminal Inhumation
Album: Agnosis
FIRST ALBUM @ [http://renacesdelamiseria.bandcamp.com/]

Song: Satyriasis And The Autumn Ends
Album: The True Shape Of Eskatos

GLOSON (Sweden)
Song: The End / Aftermath
Album: Yearwalker

Song: Affectionate Giant Hug with a Bison​-​Shaped Heart
Album: Inner Winter

Song: Sigh Of The Opressed Creature
Album: The Droves

GATEWAY (Belgium)
Song: Vocatvs
Album: Aeternae

Song: Waves Come Crashing Down
Album: Vortex

Song: Sanctuary

IRN (Canada)
Song: Causing Decay
Album: Sewer Disease

LE BOMJE (Kazakhstan)
Song: Welder
Album: Warehouse

Song: Ground To Ash
Album: Dead Hand

Song: Childlike Bewilderment
Album: Split with BEGRANIS

Song: Renounce The World

Song: Her Womb
Album: Two Chapters

Song: As It Needs To Be
Album: MMXIV

Thanks for being following THE HAND OF GLORY and WITHERED HANDS PODCAST!
As usual: Support and Share!
Every little helps!

Doom on,
Rob & WHP



Welcome one and all to episode number 5 of the hand of glory showcase brought to you by none other than The Withered Hands Podcast team!!.. Now this show has some epic and evil music mixed with an extremely fucked up aray of verbal bullshit by myself. I messed up alot of the band names and I found it hard to not keep saying “Like” and “you know” but for this show, i think we should mainly forget i exsist and just focus on the amazing music!!!

Music on todays show comes courtesy of…

Numenorean (Canada)

Who play a healthy mix of post-black metal. The song featured on todays show is “Follow The Sun” which is out on the Demo 2014 which can be found on bandcamp. This band were nice enough to contact the show and show us there awesome demo! and we just had to respond by getting them on the show!! Hopefully in the future we can get an interview out of them aswell!!


Dysphorian Breed (Sweden)

is a OMB doom/death project by a David Fredriksson playing romantically harsh music that all should check out instantly after hearing “Till’ Doomsday Do Us Part”, which is featured on the latest “The Rain Of Ash” download album which is up on bandcamp for purchase!!

I even try to speak swedish on this and i fail!! haha


Diropel (Uruguay)

OMB ambience here from Santiago GR. Diropel’s sound generates environmental melodies with dreamy and orchestral arrangements. Enjoy “Dopamina” from the “Nyrst” release!, all music is free to stream and download on bandcamp.

FACEBOOK • facebook.com/diropel
TWITTER • twitter.com/diropel
TUMBLR • diropel.tumblr.com
SOUNDCLOUD • soundcloud.com/diropel
MIXCLOUD • mixcloud.com/diropel
YOUTUBE • youtube.com/user/diropel
VIMEO • vimeo.com/diropel
LASTFM • lastfm.es/music/diropel


INSTAGRAM • instagram.com/sgrdrpl
TUMBLR • sgrdrpl.tumblr.com

IT (Canada)

Whispering Shadows labelmate OMB It, is as evil and depressing as you could want any raw black band to be. This music comes straight from the heart whilst being burned alive by satan himself who is masturbating over a flayed corpse!. This will have you running for church praying to be forgiven for even taking notice of the bands excistance!!…All hail It!! Song feature today is a demo from 2013 called “My Death”


TOME (Switzaland)

Swiss OMB Tome, contacted the podcast to just show its appreciation for the product, so we as with all music we love, thought, fuck, we will show our appreciation to you for making some beautiful and insanely technical music!. Ian is onto something specail here folks!!, get your ass’s over to bandcamp and insist a new release be done asap!!


Beneath The Storm (Slovenia)

Evil, sludge god to be Shimon has gone out of his way to up the anti to his previous release “Temples of Doom”, with new release “Evil Reflection” which will blow your minds both physically and emotionally!. BTS have started to create a stir in this wurlpool of musical grandure and long may the music be a platform for us all to hang, for which releases like this, its the last thing you should be hearing as your feet gradually step into the gallows! Embrace the distance between yourself and the storm and join Shimon underneath it all with the song “Silent Exhale” which is on the “Evil Reflection” album.


Enjoy the show folks and please forgive me my mess ups!!

Stay Withered!!





There we go with the 4th episode of THE HAND OF GLORY! How are you guys?
This time I’ve found out about some really interesting bands and releases and I prepared a nice little show for you!
Let’s not waste any extra time and get straight to the bands!

ALTARS OF GRIEF (Canada) recently released their second EP and I can say it sounds amazing! I played for you the next to the last and last tracks taken from it “Her Shadow Is The Night” + “Grey Skies”! You can stream their music on bandcamp at [http://altarsofgrief.bandcamp.com/] and follow them on Fb at [https://www.facebook.com/altarsofgrief/timeline]. Their latest EP is on sale and they’ve got some nice merch so get your hands on them before it’s too late!

PLAGUE UPON THE LIVING (Finland) There’re not so many infos about this band around if not that they’ve released already 3 full including the latest tape from which I’ve taken their track! They play some slow and painful funeral doom with vocals reminding me of Silencer and Bethlehem! Worth a try! You can get a copy of the tape (almost sold out) through the label WORSHIP THE TENCTACULAR GOD RECORDS at [http://worshipthetentaculargod.blogspot.co.uk/]
Here comes the pain!!!

DEJECTED MASS (Germany) sound as a mix of sludge and old school death doom. Pretty interesting band! They released on digital a first EP recently and you can stream it on bandcamp FOR FREE at [http://dejectedmass.bandcamp.com/] and also you can start following them on facebook at [https://www.facebook.com/DejectedMass?fref=ts]. They’re planning to play some shows around and they’re already recording some new material! Keep an eye on them!

INTROVERTUM (USA) This band is really really interesting. Considering they released just two “demos” on digital only so far, I’m really waiting for them to get something printed out on CD at least! Their style is doom but the personal touch of the band on the tracks make them totally unpredictable. The song I played “Cotard Delusion” taken from their last demo is the perfect display of what I’m talking about. It’s funeral doom but not only. Reminds me of early Black Autumn and the second Abske Fides demo CDR somehow but there’s something in the music which makes it so depressive and sad.. Really looking forward for more material and more interesting music from these guys! Check them out on bandcamp at [http://introvertum.bandcamp.com]

FORN (USA) They’re a killer black/sludge band and they’re becoming a real cult! They’ve got an EP and a full lenght out so far (If you buy from Europe get a copy through the label as the postal fees are too expensive from the states). Check them out on bandcamp and stream their music through [http://forn.bandcamp.com/]. Hope to get their releases printed on CD real soon because they really really rock! Follow them on Fb [https://www.facebook.com/Forndoom/timeline] and get them some merch!!! KILLER BAND INDEED! Support them and if you get the chance go to watch them live!!!

Hope this time as well you got to know some amazing new bands! Keep your eyes and your mouse on witheredhandspodcast.wordpress.com and keep following us on Fb! Share the links and make some spam! It always helps!!! We’ve got some amazing new shows scheduled before the end of the year so don’t miss out!!!!

Rob & Withered Hands Podcast