][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 04 ][ 2015 ][

THE HAND OF GLORY is back with my side of the show and this time I really hope you’re going to enjoy! I think one of the best things into work with WHP is to have the chance to meet some amazing people and artists out there. This has been for me one of thoseContinue reading “][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 04 ][ 2015 ][“


https://archive.org/download/OMMADON/OMMADON.mp3 A new episode for Withered Hands Podcast ON STAGE! This time we had the pleasure to live record OMMADON and to interview and live record 11 PARANOIAS. Everything happened the last Saturday, January 31st, 2015 for a show booked by COSMIC CARNAGE! We already knew OMMADON and we introduced them last year during “OfContinue reading “][ OMMADON ][ 11 PARANOIAS ][ WHP ON STAGE ][“