Welcome one, welcome all to another addition of the extremely famous WITHERED HAND PODCAST!! things are on the up and up my freinds. Got some shit hot stuff lined up for the following weeks to go alongside this warm weather we are having. As for todays show we are taking a de-tour of the gloomy road of despair and breaking into the house of Post-Rock. On todays show we have fresh from the Us, THE AMBIENT LIGHT!! Its all about the past and present and where the world is heading people and if this is the road to take then by god its a beautiful one! So sit back and enjoy the best podcast in the world!! haha!!

Tracks today are from the Album “Nostalgia Trip” which can be purchased for the pricely sum of nothing on the bandcamp artist page. Tracks are – Synergy Hymn, Twenty Two and closing the show will be The Ice Cavern Dream.

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Until next time people…Doom on!! or in this case…Doom on in quiet!! HA!