And so on to the next chapter in the Withered Hands Podcasts life…Episode number 8 is here and this week we feature Funeral Doom/Shoegaze/Black metal outfit Arcana Coelestia. Both before and after the show was recorded the guys over at the AC camp have been great to talk with. This show is an interview conducted with Roberto who provides vocals and lyrics for the latest release “Nomas”. We shoot the shit about the AC and all the other projects in the works. We talk music, shows, downloading, labels and releases and so much more!! the quality of the show is good but not great but this is a problem that is slowly being fixed!! I worked hard on the editing table to get this show to the pass as there is some gold shit in here!! I hope when listening it flows for you guys. The tracks on todays show are very special indeed. It features “Requiem (For The Fathomless Void Of Redemption)” from the Le mirage de l’idéal album. And some exclusive music from the upcoming “Nomas” release…”Nomas I” and “Novas V” so sit back, have a cup of tea, some guiness, or wine or if your like me some Coca Cola and and listen away!!

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