And so here we are people! Episode number 03 of our new/old invention of the Hand Of Glory show case. 3 shows in and this seems to the be the show that people are really grasping onto!! So it appears this idea was very worth while!!..Thats not to say we are gonna back down on any of the other styles of shows..No no people we are gonna grow and grow! so keep your eyes peeling and ears alert for more and more!!

So onto todays show!! starting of our show case is Drone/Experimental band from Plymouth in the Uk called “Big Like Mountain”. Little is known about these Uk noise creators but what is known is that they make some of the most dirgy, hyponotic sounds you’ll find anywhere. They have 5 demo’s in total at thier bandcamp page so go along and check them out at http://biglikemountain.bandcamp.com/. Todays song is from there demo “Demos Vol IV (Motion/Stillness)” and is the first track on that record called “Movement 1”

Our second band hail from the Ukraine called “Until My Funerals Began”. I have personally been a fan of this band since i heard “Snowflakes” from thier second full lenth (Behind This Window). They play a healthy miz of Doom/Death metal with funeral and both gothic influences. They have been around since 2007 so they are nearly 10 years in the game. So well worth checking them out folks!. Head over to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Until-My-Funerals-Began/165255723534551 or http://vk.com/id237174574 for more info and updates on the band! The track included is the afformention “Snowflakes” from the Behind This Window record…Do yourselves a favour and check this band out!!

And so onto the Headliners and with an interview to boot!! please welcome your ears to the sounds of swedish doom metallers Anguish. Anguish play a mix of tradionation/crusty type of doom. Originally clean but now dirty and dreary as fuck. Embrace the world of the riff as Anguish take over your minds with thier song “SnowHammer” and become enganged with Christoffer from the band!…You can check these guys out at http://anguish.bandcamp.com/….http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Anguish/3540307152…https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anguish/175400599142558.

So sit back and open your mind to the new, the old, and the down right doomed!!

Have a good one people!

Stay Withered!!