On the show this time we have Dachaz from Serbian Symphonic Black Metallers “Carnival Of Flesh”, In this show we glide seamlessly through subjects such as Music, Films, Travel and what does and doesn’t sound good about rehearsal recordings!! All this and a hell of a lot more!!, We learn the ins and the outs of how the band came to be and where they are heading! So sit back and enjoy the show folks!! All hail…”CARNIVAL OF FLESH!”

Tracks Featured In This Episode :

Album – Stories From A Fallen World

Tracks – The Regret
The Promise

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Hope you enjoy the show folks!!

Stay Withered!!


][ The Hand Of Glory ][ Episode 07 ][ 2015 ]


I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!.. Hello fellow podcast lovers!! My name is Tom and this is my turn on the HAND OF GLORY SHOWCASE!!…Some intensely grim cuts to be shared with you today! Some brutal, some beautiful, some ugly, some just plain fucking evil!. So stick in your headphones or link up your speakers and encase yourself in this coffin of sound!!

Artists and Songs on the show today are :

Ego Depths (Ukraine/Canada)
Song: Exosphere
Album: Oligoria Blodd

Pike (Sweden)
Song: Nothing But Dust
Album: To Cross The Great Devide

Below The Sun (Russia)
Song: Alone
Album: Envoy

Shalrath (USA)
Song: Lessons Of Darkness
Album: The Ebon Fortress

Carnival Of Flesh (Serbia)
Song: The Horror
Album: Stories From A Fallen World

I truly hope you enjoyed the show folks and be sure to keep yourself apraised of all things Withered Hands as we have some great shows coming your way in the following weeks. Must hear material!!

Stay Withered!!