There we are, once again, trying to support some of the most amazing bands around!
This is one of those bands you really should listen to and start following because in my/our opinion they really deserve some support! Here for you, all the way from ICELAND, NULL!
NULL are a side project of some of the guys in CARPE NOCTEM, a band belonging to the new generation of black metal acts which are crashing the scene right now. It’s been a while Norway is nomore the cradle of modern black metal and most of the new bands are simply taking inspiration by certain acts in order to create their own vision of extreme black art! CARPE NOCTEM are one of those bands and lately in 2013, under the banner of CODE666, they’ve released one of those cult albums which every real extremist should have in his or her collection titled “In Terra Profugus”.
With NULL these guys are taking the chance to create something once again unique and highly interesting. The black metal influences and experience coming from their other projects has been melted with some doomish and psychedelic inputs. The result is something pretty exciting!
With just one only track of around 30 minutes lenght, they’re goin to be in my opinion another cult band people and supporter out there should start following.

We had the chance to interview Tómas, one of the guys involved in NULL, at the CARPE NOCTEM’s London show a week ago and he explained us about the bands and his label Vánagandr [http://algleymi.blogspot.co.uk/] which is promoting almost the whole Icelandic scene right now!

This show won’t last really long but it’s goin to make the point about the great project NULL is!
As usual guys, support the bands, support the underground and if you like what you’re listening to buy the bands’ albums and merch! Every little helps!
NULL are goin to release real soon, so I hope, their album through the Chinese label PEST PRODUCTIONS [http://website.pest666.com/] which has also printed in the past another band from the very same musicians now in NULL, called Dysthymia!

Keep it doomed, keep it withered!
Share and support!
Rob & WHP