One of the best things about living in London is that sometimes you happen to find yourself at the right moment in the right place. As the music fanatic I am, that has been the feeling which blasted me on Friday the 5th of December!

As it happened already to some other shows during the year, the London sludgy fans base has been blessed with a hell of a night at The Unicorn Pub in Camden. Four bands on stage, four different ways of creating doomed soundscapes! We didn’t want to miss out and we had the pleasure to interview and record for you 3 out of 4 bands during the evening. Supporting the French act CULT OF OCCULT we had GREY WIDOW (band we already recorded a few months ago and which offered an amazing performance with their singer down stage giving the best of himself to the public), GREG(O)RIAN from Essex (back on the road after the digital release of their new EP “Utter Condamnation”) and the Londoners DIESEL KING (band everyone out there should try to catch up live)!

Starting by the first band we interviewed and recorded, there we are with GREG(O)RIAN!
I’ve been following these guys for a while and their name is not that unknown in the British underground. They’ve been active already five years more or less and they’ve been playing live quite a lot in the past. After some issues with their previous drummer, they found in Mr Chris Drew a perfect replacement and this guy verve took the band to a brand new level of sound. Mixing their previous drony attitude with some propper psychedelia and post metal. The result is really interesting and it makes me look forward to this band’ future releases.
You can find more about them and download their early releases for free through bandcamp at [gregoriandoom.bandcamp.com]

Second band of the evening to be interviewed has been DIESEL KING!
After their recent show supporting ENTOMBED AD this was a band I was really aiming to interview. Got their first two releases and had a listen to their last single (a little appetizer while we’re waiting for the new full). Their sound moved over the past three years from a NOLA inspired metal to something more Sludgy and Downbeat until finding with the new material a new dimension mixing Sludge and Death’NRoll influences.
Interesting mix and very effective on stage! These guys are real funny and I’m pretty sure you’re goin to enjoy their “show” before the show. Watching them naked on picture and talking about future, present and past of the band we got to know more about them and we recorded some new material they’re goin to give us on CD, Vinyl and Minidisk pretty soon! Jokes! Probably just on CD and Digital hahahahahah
Check them out on bandcamp at [dieselking.bandcamp.com]

Third and last band we enjoyed has been CULT OF OCCULT!
They’re another band I’ve been following over the past few years. The first record they released was a perfect example of heaviness in music. With their second decadent full “Hic Est Domus Diaboli” released by TOTAL RUST on CD, they’ve reached a new stage of filthiness. The topics are always the same, alchool, hate and Satan but the most interesting part was getting to know them in order to compare what they usually say on written interviews with how they’re live! Pointless saying that they’re as funny as I was expecting! Short interview but a real must-listen-to!
Beside being showmen they’re great guys and I really enjoyed their performance and getting back home with my ears bleeding! Support some audio-violence and check them out on [cultofoccult.bandcamp.com]

As I said earlier and during the three shows, this was a great night! Great people, great music, great bands (including GREY WIDOW and one of their best performances to date)!
We really hope you’re goin to love this new episode of WITHERED HANDS PODCAST ON STAGE and we would like to thank you all for the great support! Keep sharing, keep supporting the underground!
Stay withered and doom on!!!
Rob & WHP