There comes a point in ones life when you really connect with a band, where no matter what they do, you stick by them. The faces change and you worry the music may suffer, become less than what your used to. In some cases this happens, passions fade and so does the enthusiasm. The same cannot be said for relatively young band Desolate Pathway.

Since their inception a mere 2 years ago so much has happened within’ the confines of the band that could lead anyone on a one way path into despair. Band changes from right to left, up to down. Set backs, cancelled shows..the list goes on. However through all of this two faces have remained constant. Those faces being Vince Hempstead (Vocals, Guitar) and Mags (Drums)

On today’s show we have a very in depth interview about all the trails and tribulations regarding the band since day one. I won’t delve to much into it here but all will be revealed on this episode of the Withered Hands Podcast. So sit back and enjoy a very candid and open chat about the music, people lying, people leaving, moving forward, DP’s and Game of Thrones endings.


Songs Used : –

Into The Realms Of Poseidon
(From Into The Realms Single)

Season Of The Witch
(From Valley Of The King)

Tales Of Glaucus
(From Into The Realms Single)

King Of Vultures
(From Valley Of The King)


Links : –





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_Vince, Yours Truly, Mags_

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WHP Showcase 23-04-16

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The Withered Hand Podcast is back with another jam packed showcase bonanza!! we have it loud, we have it epic and we have it for you RIGHT NOW!

Bands Featured on todays show :

Avatarium (SWE)


Album – Avatarium
Songs – Moonhorse

Isole (SWE)

Official Page

Album – The Calm Hunter
Song – Dead To Me (The Destroyer Part I)


Desolate Pathway (UK)

Big Cartel

Album – Into The Realms (Single)
Songs – Into The Realms Of Poseidon


Moss (UK)


Album – Carmilla (Marcilla)/ Spectral Visions
Songs – Carmilla (Macilla)


Monolord (SWE)


Album – Empress Rising
Songs – Watchers Of The Waste

Also featured on is a small interview with Roberto Mura of Third-I-Rex records, telling us all about whats coming up for the label, how the label began and hopefully where the label is heading!

So sit back and take it all in! We are back! and we are bigger than ever!!

Stay Withered!!




 Rage Of Samedi


Album – Signs
Songs – Getting Fucked
Our Kingdom




Album – Crafted In Darkness
Song – Moth


Desolate Pathway


Album – Valley of The King
Songs – Upon The Throne Of Lights
Last Of My Kind



It wasn’t so long ago that a friend of ours, One Richard Whitethread gave us a link to a band page and stated that they needed to be featured on this lovely podcast of ours. Then without thinking Liz and myself were soon sat down with these for doom dwellers at Sunlight Studios in Gillingham to talk about the debut release from one “Desolate Pathway”. We were able to see the album being made first hand and we are now proud owners of the album in question. This album being “Valley Of The King”. Brainchild of one Vince Hempstead started has now been given Life with the addition of Simon (Vocals), Jim (Bass) and Mag (Drums). Valley Of The King sets the tone of a jouney to be taken by all listeners. You will be immersed in the world Vince has created and once its over you’ll be beginning for more.

You can purchase “Valley Of The King” at the bands bandcamp page which is … http://desolatepathway.bandcamp.com/

Digital version is as a little as £3.50, where as the Physical version is only £7. So get your arses over and pick up this epically retro slice of doom!

You can also check out the band at https://www.facebook.com/desolatepathway where they are regulary updating the page with news and photos and all you could need to stay in the no how. The band have also lauched a website…http://www.desolatepathway.com. So keep your fingers on the pulse for new updates, shows and much much more!!

All song’s featured on the show today are from the debut, they consist of “Forest Of Mirrors”, “The Valley Of The King” and “Shadow Of The Tormetor”

So sit back, grab a cold one and embrace doom music from the core!!

Stay Withered Folks!