][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 01 ][ 2015 ][


Its a new year and a new beginning for a year of showcasing shows aimed to get your ears attacked by some of the freshest, most gloomy and beautiful music on offer in this great big world of ours.

HOWEVER!! the issues of the WHP continue, in creating todays show, the whole “Shattered Hope” segment became dislodged and decided to do a runner so I’m sorry to say there is not “Shattered Hope” music on this episode, but this will be rectified for a future show I promise folks!!

Onto what did make the cut today!!!

Cavalar (England)
Song: Rush
Album: As A Metal Of Fact

Eleven Drops To Sink Into (Bulgaria)
Song: In A Short Moment
Album: A Shelter From Time

The Angelic Process (United States)
Song: Dying In A Minor
Album: Weighing Souls With Sand

Forest Of Shadows (Sweden)
Song: Wish
Album: Where Dreams Turn To Dust (MCD)

Acid Mountain (Australia)
Song: Buried Pages
Album: Acid Mountain

As I said before, the whole “Shattered Hope” thing didn’t seem to want to happen but i will be sure to rectify this in the future!! As for the bands on the show, I hope you get as excited as we did listening to them. Have a great time listening and please leave your feedback.

Stay Withered Folks!