On Todays show we have Funeral Doom one man masterpiece Frowning from germany!! get up close and personal with “Val Atra Niteris” who i the sole the creater of some of the best funeral doom to come out of europe in 2014. Check out bandcamp.com/frowning to order your copy of the spilit cd or pre-order the new cd due for an October release at https://www.facebook.com/frowning.band or email Val at frowning@gmx.de

The two tracks featured in the show are Funeral March which is featured on the spilt with Aphonic Threnody called “Of Graves, Worms and Epitaphs” and Murdered By Grief will be on the upcoming release “Funeral Impressions”, Sorry in advance my recording equipment again played up but we did the best with what we had and it was a really good interview with a really great, funny and talented guy!
Enjoy people!