][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 02 ][ 2015 ][



Finally back on track with The Hand Of Glory! Episode number two for this new year and already loads goin’ on under every point of view! Great shows on the way and as usual our monthly double showcase appointment! If you don’t know yet about it, we started THOG last year showcasing new music twice during the month on top of all of our other formats and it’s been great to get to know new people and give to you out there some new bands to talk about! For this new year we started with a lot of bands already and in between me and Tom we already have got quite a lot of names for you! As usual guys, if you like what you’re goin to listen to, just get in touch with the bands and support them in an active way! Get your hands on some great releases and try not to download for the sake of having a few new mp3s!
This time for you we’ve got V A I L S (power sludgy duo) from UK which just came out with a 2 tracks demo which makes me hope for a first album real soon! We’ve got MAGE from UK as well, just came out a few months ago for Witchhunter Records and recorded at SkyHammer Studios (check this out!) and we’ve got another amazing band from UK which is SONANCE and these guys as well just came out with a new album which sounds simply dynamite!
To follow we’ve got HELA from Spain, a she-singer fronted doom metal band with already an album out and a new split album!!! We’ve got also GALE from US which are in my opinion one of the most interesting bands I’ve discovered last year!
And much, much, more!!!! CHILDREN OF ERIS from Germany, ACID COMA from Russia, Kaiser from Finland, Leather Lung from US, Samghata from US and Sarin Bath from Canada!!!
To follow guys all of the links you need!!!
Check these bands out, share the links, play their music, give them a thumb up on Fb!!!
Every little helps folks!!!
Stay doomed and keep it withered guys!!!
Enjoy our new show,

VAILS – vailsband.bandcamp.com/
MAGE – mage.bandcamp.com/
SONANCE – sonance.bandcamp.com/
HELA – hela.bandcamp.com/
GALE – gale.bandcamp.com/
CHILDREN OF ERIS – childrenoferis.bandcamp.com/
ACID COMA – acidcoma.bandcamp.com/
KAISER – kaiserfuzz.bandcamp.com/
LEATHER LUNG – leatherlungcult.bandcamp.com/
SAMGHATA – samghata.bandcamp.com/
SARIN BATH – sarinbath.bandcamp.com/