Grimpen Mire

Its back to the heavy shit for this episode, and we are showcasing brummy sludge metallers Grimpen Mire!! Freshly recorded straight from the source of the Unicorn Venue in london Uk where they graced the stage with Sea Bastard, Bastard of the skies, and Torpor!! This interview is the first conducted by Aphonic Threnody, Urna and Arcana Coelestia’s Vocalist Roberto Mura whom has joined Me and Liz in the Withered Hands Podcast Camp. The interview also features live tracks from the set that night of the 6th June. If you were there make your voices heard and comment below and tell us how it was for you…did you walk away with blood rushing from your ears? Did you still have the riffs humming in your head days later?

Support Grimpen Mire by going to https://www.facebook.com/grimpenmire and hitting that like button!! go and check em out live!! Support the underground!! don’t let music die!!

Also go to http://grimpenmire.bandcamp.com/ and download the fuck out of the music, buy the records!!

Turn your stereo up to 11!! and let the riffs take over your life!!

Enjoy the interview guys!! Doom on!! or Doom out!!

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_Tom + Liz_