There we go with the 4th episode of THE HAND OF GLORY! How are you guys?
This time I’ve found out about some really interesting bands and releases and I prepared a nice little show for you!
Let’s not waste any extra time and get straight to the bands!

ALTARS OF GRIEF (Canada) recently released their second EP and I can say it sounds amazing! I played for you the next to the last and last tracks taken from it “Her Shadow Is The Night” + “Grey Skies”! You can stream their music on bandcamp at [http://altarsofgrief.bandcamp.com/] and follow them on Fb at [https://www.facebook.com/altarsofgrief/timeline]. Their latest EP is on sale and they’ve got some nice merch so get your hands on them before it’s too late!

PLAGUE UPON THE LIVING (Finland) There’re not so many infos about this band around if not that they’ve released already 3 full including the latest tape from which I’ve taken their track! They play some slow and painful funeral doom with vocals reminding me of Silencer and Bethlehem! Worth a try! You can get a copy of the tape (almost sold out) through the label WORSHIP THE TENCTACULAR GOD RECORDS at [http://worshipthetentaculargod.blogspot.co.uk/]
Here comes the pain!!!

DEJECTED MASS (Germany) sound as a mix of sludge and old school death doom. Pretty interesting band! They released on digital a first EP recently and you can stream it on bandcamp FOR FREE at [http://dejectedmass.bandcamp.com/] and also you can start following them on facebook at [https://www.facebook.com/DejectedMass?fref=ts]. They’re planning to play some shows around and they’re already recording some new material! Keep an eye on them!

INTROVERTUM (USA) This band is really really interesting. Considering they released just two “demos” on digital only so far, I’m really waiting for them to get something printed out on CD at least! Their style is doom but the personal touch of the band on the tracks make them totally unpredictable. The song I played “Cotard Delusion” taken from their last demo is the perfect display of what I’m talking about. It’s funeral doom but not only. Reminds me of early Black Autumn and the second Abske Fides demo CDR somehow but there’s something in the music which makes it so depressive and sad.. Really looking forward for more material and more interesting music from these guys! Check them out on bandcamp at [http://introvertum.bandcamp.com]

FORN (USA) They’re a killer black/sludge band and they’re becoming a real cult! They’ve got an EP and a full lenght out so far (If you buy from Europe get a copy through the label as the postal fees are too expensive from the states). Check them out on bandcamp and stream their music through [http://forn.bandcamp.com/]. Hope to get their releases printed on CD real soon because they really really rock! Follow them on Fb [https://www.facebook.com/Forndoom/timeline] and get them some merch!!! KILLER BAND INDEED! Support them and if you get the chance go to watch them live!!!

Hope this time as well you got to know some amazing new bands! Keep your eyes and your mouse on witheredhandspodcast.wordpress.com and keep following us on Fb! Share the links and make some spam! It always helps!!! We’ve got some amazing new shows scheduled before the end of the year so don’t miss out!!!!

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