Finally out with this interview which we had the chance to collect almost a month ago in occasion of the Doom Over London Festival! Khost has been a true love at first listen band to me.
Back to almost nine months ago or so, I had the chance to listen to the very first online tracks of the band through bandcamp and already at that point I knew this was going to be probably one of my favourite new discoveries.
Forgetting about the name of the band, months later, I attended another London festival, organized by Cold Spring Records. First band on stage was Khost!!! Still I didn’t remember about the band I already listened to but the whole live experience left me quite shocked! I truly enjoyed the show and I bought a copy of the band’s first release right away.
Back home, the day after the fest, I got to listen to the band’s album and I thought to myself “I know this band!”
Got back on internet and check them out on bandcamp I found out it was actually the same mesmerising band I already knew! The best of this whole forgetting/remembering story is that I couldn’t avoid to fall in love with Khost and the live show, first album and whole experience simplly backed up my very first idea: THIS BAND IS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!
Their sound, a mix of downtempo heaviness with industrial/ambient mixed bits moving through droning intermezzos and Persian choruses, is something every extreme metal fanatic should listen to.
Do you remember Zaraza? Think of Zaraza mixed with Malkuth, mixed with Brighter Death Now and Desiderii Marginis. Are you into this kind of soundscapes? You should listen to Khost!
Really nice folks to have a chat with. 300% into their own sound discovery journey and absolutely unique in the way they are able to create somehow a new branch of extreme Godflesh inspired metal!
This is no joke. Keep an eye on them. I feel like they could easily become one of the most important bands in the scene real soon as there’s nobody, absolutely nobody, who can generate such a wall of heavy, occult and nightmarish music.
The first album has been already out there for a while. Don’t miss the next opus which should be out shortly!
Check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp!
Total support,