Welcome one and all to episode number 5 of the hand of glory showcase brought to you by none other than The Withered Hands Podcast team!!.. Now this show has some epic and evil music mixed with an extremely fucked up aray of verbal bullshit by myself. I messed up alot of the band names and I found it hard to not keep saying “Like” and “you know” but for this show, i think we should mainly forget i exsist and just focus on the amazing music!!!

Music on todays show comes courtesy of…

Numenorean (Canada)

Who play a healthy mix of post-black metal. The song featured on todays show is “Follow The Sun” which is out on the Demo 2014 which can be found on bandcamp. This band were nice enough to contact the show and show us there awesome demo! and we just had to respond by getting them on the show!! Hopefully in the future we can get an interview out of them aswell!!


Dysphorian Breed (Sweden)

is a OMB doom/death project by a David Fredriksson playing romantically harsh music that all should check out instantly after hearing “Till’ Doomsday Do Us Part”, which is featured on the latest “The Rain Of Ash” download album which is up on bandcamp for purchase!!

I even try to speak swedish on this and i fail!! haha


Diropel (Uruguay)

OMB ambience here from Santiago GR. Diropel’s sound generates environmental melodies with dreamy and orchestral arrangements. Enjoy “Dopamina” from the “Nyrst” release!, all music is free to stream and download on bandcamp.

FACEBOOK • facebook.com/diropel
TWITTER • twitter.com/diropel
TUMBLR • diropel.tumblr.com
SOUNDCLOUD • soundcloud.com/diropel
MIXCLOUD • mixcloud.com/diropel
YOUTUBE • youtube.com/user/diropel
VIMEO • vimeo.com/diropel
LASTFM • lastfm.es/music/diropel


INSTAGRAM • instagram.com/sgrdrpl
TUMBLR • sgrdrpl.tumblr.com

IT (Canada)

Whispering Shadows labelmate OMB It, is as evil and depressing as you could want any raw black band to be. This music comes straight from the heart whilst being burned alive by satan himself who is masturbating over a flayed corpse!. This will have you running for church praying to be forgiven for even taking notice of the bands excistance!!…All hail It!! Song feature today is a demo from 2013 called “My Death”


TOME (Switzaland)

Swiss OMB Tome, contacted the podcast to just show its appreciation for the product, so we as with all music we love, thought, fuck, we will show our appreciation to you for making some beautiful and insanely technical music!. Ian is onto something specail here folks!!, get your ass’s over to bandcamp and insist a new release be done asap!!


Beneath The Storm (Slovenia)

Evil, sludge god to be Shimon has gone out of his way to up the anti to his previous release “Temples of Doom”, with new release “Evil Reflection” which will blow your minds both physically and emotionally!. BTS have started to create a stir in this wurlpool of musical grandure and long may the music be a platform for us all to hang, for which releases like this, its the last thing you should be hearing as your feet gradually step into the gallows! Embrace the distance between yourself and the storm and join Shimon underneath it all with the song “Silent Exhale” which is on the “Evil Reflection” album.


Enjoy the show folks and please forgive me my mess ups!!

Stay Withered!!