Third and last part for this “ON STAGE” show!
Obliteration from Norway! A destructive old school death metal band which released some of the most interesting album in the scene over the past 10 years! Taking inspiration from the end of ’80s and beginning of the ’90s and in spite of their young age, they’ve been able to kick asses all over the place sharing stage with some of the greatest underground bands from all around the world!
With “Black Death Horizon”, their last LP, the band’s sound slightly changed moving on to slower and doomed territories giving to the band a new almost “occult” artistic direction.
No need to talk a lot about them and the quality of their music! If you like death metal in the old way, they are a must!
We had a nice chat with them about their previous releases and future plans, including shows in Asia and other countries.
With the interview you can also find a few tracks recorded during their London show at The Unicorn in Camden!
Final part of this show in three episod which has seen also SHEOL and SLOW PLAGUE!
You can find Obliteration on Fb and bandcamp. Their releases on sale a bit everywhere!
BTW If you’re looking for their second full-lenght “Nekropsalms”, you can still find it on sale through Fysisk Format discounted right now of the 40%! Boom!!!
Stay withered folks!!!
See you soon with some amazing new shows!!!
Doom on!