For you on WHP, once again, OPIUM LORD!
Back with the guys from OPIUM LORD in occasion of their new album release!
We were talking with them almost a year ago about the new album and finally Candlelight has released it! I was expecting a great album and it actually is! This new full-lenght titled “The Calendrical Cycle: Eye Of Earth” is an amazing record!
Starting from what has been left from the first EP, this new LP builds up tonnes of heaviness and gloom leaving room not only to sludge beats. In fact the tracks in it move through quite a lot of different genres being able to mix and develope an organic album. The production is just perfect and the artwork, a mix of Deftones and Atlas Moth inspired images, is a cool as the rest of the production!
We had a chat with the guys about the upcoming events, about their ideas and a little about what the future plans are for the band! Attached to the iterview there are two songs taken from “The Calendrical Cycle”.
Have a laugh with us and enjoy one of the finest sludge oriented bands around! You can find them on Fb by clicking on the link!
Stay withered,



This is the biggest show we uploaded so far!
3 bands, 3 different styles, 3 ways to play doom!

On June the 25th, 2014 at The Unicorn in Camden Town (London), COGNITIVE DISSIDENT PROMOTIONS booked a hell of a killer show! While at the same time more doomed acts were playing for another event at The Underworld (just 10 minutes walking distance down the road), GREY WIDOW, BAST, OPIUM LORD & PRIMITIVE MAN were killing the crowd with some propper downtuned doom! Unfotunately I didn’t have enough time to interview and record also GREY WIDOW, the opening band of the event, but I honestly hope to get them on board soon or later!

BAST has been the first band I’ve interviewed and recorded! I’ve watched them playing live for a few times already! Their first album came out recently for Black Bow Records on vinyl and for Burning World Records on CD. They are as good as all of the bands coming out for those two great labels are! They mix doom, sludge and black metal with some post metal influences. The result is unique and highly emotional. Hope you’re goin to enjoy their interview and their live recording!

OPIUM LORD has been the second band I’ve interviewed and recorded! I was really interested about watching them live as I’ve been following them for a while. They had a first EP coming out on 2013 and after that they started playing live quite a lot and on top of everything supporting great bands touring UK. I really wanted to listen to their new tracks and I add the chance to talk with them about the upcoming new album and to record some of their new songs!
That was epic! Enjoy the 2nd part of the show!!!

PRIMITIVE MAN was the main band on stage that night! They killed everybody! Their heavy sounds and ultradistorted bass and guitar destroyed all of the people in the room!
I couldn’t expect any less from them after I read some of the feedbacks from their preview shows during their European Tour! Their last full length album “Scorn” has been a hot release on 2013 under Relapse Records and it has been followed by some excellent split EPs! It was really exciting to get to know more about their future plans and recent releases!
Hope you’re goin to enjoy their interview and this 3rd and last part of the show!

A massive thank you to all of the bands involved, Cognitive Dissident Promotions, Relapse Records and you all for being there listening to this 3 ways show! DOOM ON!!!

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