ORTEGA might not be the Rolling Stones nor the Beatles but sure indeed they kick asses! Top notch post doomy metal and more and more labels couldn’t explain in full what they play and what their style is! They’re one of those bands on which you might listen every now and then a little Neurosis or Cult Of Luna or ISIS inspired riffing or drumming or soundscaspe but at the same time they’re one of those bands which could easily be placed proudly among the big names of the genre! 3 releases out so far of which the latest 2 have been joined together on the split album with Of Spire and Thrones (take a note for this name too) and soon a new album will be out setting a new stage in ORTEGA’s sound evolution! We couldn’t miss out for their London’s show almost at the end of their UK tour and of course we interviewed them and recorded their live show!
Unfortunately during the interview we had some issues with a very special guest who couldn’t just listen or keep drinking his beer and we had to chop the interview half way and take back outside the venue! I was pretty much freezing to death as I’m not used to the cold temperature although I’ve been living in UK over the past 6 years but we got to know a few more infos about the band and its future plans and about the cult cassettes’ label Tartarus Records run by Ortega’s guitar player and vocalist Richard!
They’ve been great guys to have a chat with and the whole evening has been sensational with amazing bands performing live and supporting the guys from Netherland!!! We had Earthmass on stage and they’ve been quite a revelation to me! I’ve been checking them out on their bandcamp lately and still they didn’t convince me 100% but their performance was just great! People downstage felt probably the same as me and having a little chat around with some other guys we all agreed they’ve been really an interesting act to be discovered live! Second band on stage was Hung On Horns and these guys as much as Earthmass were fantastic! Great grove and great performance too! A great band I really would like to keep an eye on over during the year! Third band was UNDERSMILE and finally I got to listen to some tracks from their upcoming album! I really love this band and this little preview just made me even more excited about their new record which should be out real soon!!!
So… we hope you’re goin to enjoy this show and we hope you’re goin to check out also the other bands I’ve mentioned because they totally deserve some support!!!
Wish you a great 2015!
Stay withered!
Rob & WHP

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