A new episode for Withered Hands Podcast ON STAGE! This time we had the pleasure to live record OMMADON and to interview and live record 11 PARANOIAS. Everything happened the last Saturday, January 31st, 2015 for a show booked by COSMIC CARNAGE!
We already knew OMMADON and we introduced them last year during “Of Nightmares And Darkness” (of which soon or later we should get the last part out as we’re waiting for a band to contact us in order to book the last interview for it) during the show on which we had also Stephen O’Malley. It’s been a pleasure to meet them again and be there with them for a hell of a show!
Hope you’re goin to enjoy their live performance as much as I did and I really hope you’re goin to give them some support. I think their latest LP titled V should be still available either through Burning Word Records or Dry Cough Records (label which is pressing some amazing bands lately!). You can find them on Fb or on bandcamp through the following links below.

Fb [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ommadon/122816124443493]
Bandcamp [http://ommadon.bandcamp.com/]


¬†As I said during the little intro on this part of the show, I’ve been following 11 PARANOIAS not since that long ago. I’ve been a good supporter of RAMESSES over the past 12 years more or less and I had the pleasure to watch BONG playing live in London quite a few times before. When I got to see both of the bands combined together on stage I already knew something great was goin’ to happen.
After the first time I watched them live at The Underworld in Camden a few months ago I couldn’t avoid to take a note about them and write their name on my little black book! These guys are quite experimental compared to the bands they come from but I think that was probably the only way to go considering their background. Their psychedlic sound soaked in doom and late ’70s horror soundtracks is the answer to their experimentation. Catchy riffing mixed to more spaced bits, haunting vocals, heavy drumming and a massive dose of personality make of this band one of the greatest and most original bands in today’s scene. Moving far from sludgier territories they mix the best of both BONG and RAMESSES into an unpredictable beast, creating new “directions” through an over saturated underground scene.
They leave the listener almost addicted at the end of the show and I would have loved them to stop and start again straight from the beginning once again!
Supported by Ritual Records, their latest album “Stealing Fire From Heaven” is probably the best incarnation of the band so far and it’s goin to be soon available on vinyl for all of you addicted out there!
Check them out through the links below and enjoy their interview and show!!!

Bandcamp [https://11paranoias.bandcamp.com/]
Fb [https://www.facebook.com/11Paranoias]

Other special notes and links guys!
As I said during 11 Paranoias’ show you should really keep an eye on another band which played during the same show called DEAD WOMAN’S DITCH []!!! These guys are real great! Check them out!
Also here the link for RITUAL PRODUCTIONS’ official web page [http://www.ritualproductions.net/] and here’s DRY COUGH RECORDS’ [http://drycough.bandcamp.com/].
Also please keep an eye on COSMIC CARNAGE’ next shows [https://www.facebook.com/cosmiccarnagegigs]! These guys are booking some amazing bands and they’re really great people to have a chat with! Please show them some support!!!

I’ll see you real soon with another ON STAGE show folks!!!
Doom on!