New show online for Withered Hands Podcast ON STAGE! This time splitted in three episodes! First of the series is our interview and live recording with the UK based death mettallers SHEOL!
They’re a fresh band considering they released a six track EP and a 7″ so far! Yet they’re crashing heads all over the place and they’ve been able to engage the attentions of cult underground labels such as INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS and IRON BONEHEAD!
They’re old school inspired sound lately evolved in something darken and slightly heavier than it used to be on their first release. Doors are open for a killer release now!
While they’re focusing on creating the tracks for the next release, they’ve got enough time left to play around and share the stage with some of the most amazing bands around!
I really suggest you to check them out and listen to their live recording!
You can find them on Fb and bandcamp!

Stay withered!